Art of Success Business School Lesson 8: Make A New Choice

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Why do many people change only when something incredibly dramatic happens, when there is a sense of urgency, or when their life is at risk?

Because the subconscious mind works to protect us; it is designed to keep us away from potential harm – “the unknown.”

David explains what you can do to bypass your subconscious mind and jump start the life of your choosing.


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  1. I love your work David. I know bij now that it is all about mindset but I do find it difficult to stay in the right mindset. Practice, practice, practice! I can do it! I’am from The Netherlands, we all ride bikes, so I understand that it is already in me. Thank you.

    • It most certainly is Machteld. It’s just a matter of making your learning a priority and applying these experiences into your business. It really is as simple as riding a bike. I appreciate the post.