Art of Success Business School Lesson 9: The Law of Polarity: Why Your Worst Problem Could Be Your Best Solution

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According to the law of polarity, there are two sides to every story, every circumstance and every issue.

That means that the things you are resisting can actually be what you need most to excel in your business.

David clearly lays out how making decisions from a place of possibility, rather than a lack of, can take you to the next level.




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  1. You talk about what you don’t have, you have. Your biggest obstacle is your best solution. I would LOVE some examples! For me, I haven’t been getting clients. Actually, I don’t have ANY clients. I’ve done complimentary consultations, and gotten no’s about joining my program. I’ve asked people if they would like to do a complimentary consultation, and have gotten no’s. I’m working with a coach (I believe you’re her mentor). I do believe I can get a client, because actually I’m quite surprised when I get a no! I’m expecting a yes, I’m expecting people to call me back, etc. So if what you’re saying is, I DO have clients, and not having clients is my best solution, what do you mean by that? How does this apply to my situation?

    • Thanks for the comment Rachel. My question for you is why haven’t you been getting clients? What are you resisting? First thing you need to do is step into your power and realize that complimentary consultations are not going to get you any closer to your goal in business If you want to be taken seriously, then start charging what you are worth and make the decision that the clients are here NOW! There are billions of people in this world, believe me, there are more than enough clients for everyone.

      As for your surprise at getting no’s even though you are expecting a yes, look a little deeper beneath the surface and see if you truly believe that. The results speak for themselves, and if you are not getting then you are resisting. My challenge to you, pick up the phone book or purchase a leads list and start dialing people and ask then to buy from you. Don’t hang up until they say “Yes” or they hangup on you. Give yourself the experience that will lead to your growth in this area. How willing are you to breakthrough this?