Survivors Vs. Thrivers

Most people want to succeed in life (i.e., thrive), yet they’re programmed merely to survive.

These two conditions — surviving and thriving — come from two entirely different mindsets.

The survivor believes there’s never enough of anything. Survivors never succeed, because they spend all of their life trying to “get” what they think they need to survive…usually love, security, or self-esteem.

Subconsciously, they’ve been programmed to believe in ideas of lack and limitation. You’re not enough, I’m not enough, there’s not enough…

Everything in the survivor’s world confirms this idea of “not enough.” It forms their reality. The survivor’s life is like living hell, and they are barely getting by.

They’re constantly thinking thoughts of lack or limitation everywhere they go. “This is too expensive. I can’t afford that. If only I had enough money to do this…”

The survivor even seeks out and harmonizes with other people who have similar problems.

They’re always looking for opportunities to get, get, get. I want to get the deal, get the bargain, get the money.

They’re programmed to think they have to get, because all they see is lack.

But this is an incorrect way of living.

The law says,

“Give and you’ll receive.”

Thrivers are successful, because they GIVE to their world and the Universe responds in kind. Thrivers already feel loved, secure, and have a healthy self-esteem on the inside.

They’re solid, so they don’t need to go out and “get” things. Instead, they GIVE through everything they do.

To “thrive” means to flourish. The thriver creates a life full of love, joy, peace, prosperity, and giving. That’s success. THAT is real living!

A thriver’s thoughts are in harmony with ideas of abundance and plenty.

Once you’ve formed a clear picture of your desired destination, get emotionally involved with it.

• love giving to other people;

• provide recognition to others;

• freely express themselves;

• know what they want, and where they’re going.

Thrivers attract
opportunities to give

— to provide valuable products and services to other individuals.

Which one are you — a survivor or a thriver?

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