What Are You Sacrificing?

One of the Laws of the Universe is the Law of Sacrifice.

It states: if you want something of a higher nature — i.e., something that will to take you further in life — then you have to give up something of a lower nature.

That’s the definition of sacrifice. Giving up something to gain something else.

The truth is, you’re always sacrificing SOMETHING.
So, what are you sacrificing?

Here are some examples of “lower nature” things:

• Settling for far less money than you’d like to make
• Tolerating a job you hate
• Allowing people to mistreat you
• Not asking for what you want
• A cluttered desk or home environment
• A broken lightbulb
• Anything that causes you to continually feel guilt, shame, or some other destructive emotion

By allowing these things to stay in your life, you are automatically sacrificing things of a higher nature, such as:

• The dream income you’d like to earn
• A job (or work or business) you love!
• Relationships where people treat you with respect
• Asking for what you want and receiving it
• A beautiful, clean, tidy desk or home environment that inspires you
• A light bulb that shines bright!
• Things and experiences that cause you to feel joy, satisfaction, and peace

The Law of Sacrifice
can work to your advantage,
if you use it the right way.

You can’t have something of a higher nature and lower nature at the same time. It’s one or the other.

If you give up something of a lower nature, then you make room for something better to show up.

The flip side is also true. If you give up something of a higher nature, then you make space to keep the “lower nature” things present in your life.

You can’t have both.

It’s your choice whether you want to fill your life with things of a lower nature, or things of a higher nature.

Make a conscious choice about what you’re going to sacrifice.

What are you willing to give up or change?

On the other side of this change lies something far greater than what you are experiencing right now.

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  1. About a year ago I went to one of your live events.

    I didn’t know it then, but you asked me a question that would change the course of my life. You asked me, “what happened to you?” And my response was that I wasn’t loved.

    That night I went back and did a healing journey and I came back with my self-love. It was the beginning of letting go of the self-hate.

    I stopped tolerating that day.

    I’ve given hating my business, getting paid less than what I want, being a workhaloic, supporting that just want free stuff (they can read my blog/email) and all the shoulds.

    Trying to be the person I thought people wanted me to be wasn’t working for me at all, so I gave that up. I’m me and I’m enough.

    In the end, I’ve made room for FREEDOM. Freedom to be me (i’m enough), freedom to invite people into sales conversations, freedom to follow my own divine guidance, freedom to stop pushing and start being in the process of creating, etc.

    Thank you –

    • That is amazing Nathalie, congratulations!! Freedom is a powerful thing, and not everyone gets to the place you’ve gotten to. The awareness you received at my event around what you were tolerating was HUGE. It’s very similar to when I made my shift several decades ago, working on the dock in a dead-end job and hating every minute of it. That subtle shift when I heard the voice inside that said “change your attitude” was big for me, and it showed me what I was tolerating. I made a decision right there to listen to that voice and haven’t looked back since. Can’t get much more free than that! So grateful for your participation at my event and I can’t wait to see what comes next. You’re just getting started!