Being or Doing. Which is more important in growing my business?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Michelle.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

Over the years of building and growing my business, I am always straddling and struggling between the Being and the Doing. Mentors of mine, including you, talk a lot about how much more it is the Being than the Doing, and yet the Doing is very important, too. Could you speak more to me about this? How can I truly find that place where I stand in both and understand how to best manifest the business and money I am creating, rather than going in and out of either one? Thank you, David.

Neagle Code Answer

Hi Michelle! This is a FANTASTIC question.

The simple answer is:

You do from who you are being.

Let me explain.

If you are a weak leader (being), you will make weak decisions (doing).

If you want to own a million dollar business, you have to grow into being the person who can lead a million dollar business. This means that you must start acting as if you already ARE a million dollar business owner and do things and make the decisions a million dollar business owner would do or make.

Here’s an exercise that may help.

For a few days keep a notepad with you.

Write down everything you “do”.

At the end of each day, go back through your list and ask yourself if a million dollar business owner would do those things, or if they would delegate those things to someone else.

Within a day you should start to see the discrepancy between who you say you want to be and the things you are doing.



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  1. LOVE this question and answer, David! There has been a huge disconnect between what I do and who I want to be. Thank you!

  2. I understand where you are going with this to some extent but just need to clarify this. In doing your suggested exercise, assuming you are not a million dollar business owner yet, to whom then would you delegate the things you shouldn’t be doing? Perhaps you don’t have a team to delegate them to because you are not bringing in the money to pay a team. How then would you act as if? Still do the things yourself but just be aware that they are things that should be delegated? Just assume the mindset of a millionaire business owner while still doing everything yourself? Would this help then? Thanks so much!

    • Thanks for the questions Zandra. With regards to the team question, you won’t have the money to pay for a team until you make the decision that you WANT a team. Have you stopped to think of all the little things you do each day that could easily be delegated to someone else? The one thing you would be in charge of is bringing in the money, i.e making sales. That is where your energy should always be spent, not in posting to social media, spending hours on the internet, writing ezine copy, etc. Are all those things important? Absolutely! But they are never as important as making sales. To truly act as if you are a million dollar business owner you need to hire someone and find a way to pay them. Do you think your sense of urgency would be peaked if you knew that there was someone else outside of you depending on that check? If you’re not there yet its understandable. To truly change, however, you have to delegate and focus on bringing in the money. It’s easier than you may realize.