Belief, Perception & Reality…

I just had a great conversation with a friend who was telling me about some business associates who have had a complete turn around on their dream.

A few months ago, they were enthusiastic and on fire for their future. Unfortunately, they didn't keep their  mental doors locked and something negative slipped in.

All failure begins this way. People have wonderful hopes for their dreams and goals, and when their circumstances suggest something different, (such as an obstacle or lack of result)  the perceived difference becomes the initial seed of failure.

Being unaware of how this process destroys the dreams of countless people, they fall victim to its seduction.

Take a look at what happens and how this process works:

We all have two parts in our thinking – one is our dream or goal, and the second is the belief that it might not happen. This is where most people start out.

Next, something begins to spark them into moving on the dream, and they take some sort of action for a period of time.

Not having a full understanding of the Laws of Success, they are actually moving in the direction of their dream with a great deal of ignorance. Ignorance is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as a person stays open to what he/she must learn along the way.  The problem is many individuals are not open to growth & change.  They experience a point of failure.

This is the point in their journey where moving forward becomes to painful or fearful, and a person usually chooses to stay safe.  Being unaware of how success works, it is also the point where if a person did move forward, they would begin to see the bigger win they are hoping for.

Your beliefs control your perception of everything in your world, which in turn creates your reality.  If you want to change your reality you must use new information to change your beliefs AND your perception. Until you see things differently, you will continue to makes choices that keep you where you are.  Eventually, you will give up on your dreams.

Hey – in my opinion, if you are not living life on the edge you are taking up too much room.

Have a great week because you deserve it!!


  1. Hey David, I believe we can all use our failures to excelerate our successes. If we truly believe we are in the right place, business, at the right time, then the failures along the way will just be a stepping stone to our success. Learn from our mistakes and revel in them for they are the ladder to our success. When you find your faith lacking, remember the awesome, powerful being we are and that we can create the life we seek. I always look at each day with new eyes, new faith and hope that the best is coming. I choose vibrational alignment with my dream and to not let the reality of what is, bind me. Your perception can be what you say it is and with persistence you will live the life of true inspiration.