Borrowing to manifest money…is that allowed?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hey David!

First off thank you for everything you are doing, your insights are helping me greatly and knowing where you came from encourages me.

You have said that we have the ability to bring in the amount of money to do what we need and want to do through creating a sense of urgency. When you say “bringing in the money,” do you consider borrowing as a part of “manifesting money”? I just want to be clear on what options you are referring to so I don't shut out any opportunities based on old beliefs.

Thank you for your help.

God Bless.

Neagle Code Answer

Hi, and thanks for the great question!

The simple answer to your question is …yes.

Let me explain.

To manifest means to become aware of something that already exists.

Really take a moment to think about this…

When you have a desire, and it’s coupled with a sense of urgency, the Law of Polarity states that the way to fulfill that desire must also be present and possible.

Which means, that the money you need for that desire is also present, you just may not be aware that it’s already here…meaning you may not “see” it.

It may be hiding behind an opportunity, tucked away in your savings account, or with someone else.

Borrowing is a perfectly acceptable way to “bring in” money. Obviously I would advocate that you abide by the payment terms of what you’ve borrowed.

Remember, money does not come from people, it comes from Spirit THROUGH people.

If the money is already here, ask yourself what you are resisting being, doing or having that is preventing you from seeing it.

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  1. In terms of the raw physics of reality-creation, it has occurred to me that it is easier to manifest income than “debt”.

    Income is 1 thing: Money in your pocket.

    Debt is 2 things: Money in your pocket plus a future abundance of shady riffraff stalkers usually referred to as “debt” collectors.

    In the case of “debt”, a second action of “debt repayment”, if done “on time”, will cancel out the undesirables from the initial dual-manifestation of “borrowing”.

    However due to societally indoctrinated beliefs, it ~seems~ easier to most people to manifest 2 things (“debt”) instead of just 1 (income) – that’s the power beliefs can have.

    For this reason (and upon careful examination, discovering that there is actually no such thing as “debt” in Reality), I decided years ago to never again “borrow” money, but to clear out those absurd beliefs instead that would make “debt” ~seem~ easier than income when, in Reality, the reverse is actually true.

    So in terms of physics, money in your pocket is money in your pocket. The difference is that “debt” comes also with an added abundance of disrespectful riffraff, which tends to require yet additional energy to cancel out. I think, therefore, attracting money through income would involve a purer positive vibration than attracting money through “debt”, which would require a negative component in the mix.

    • Thanks for your input on this Patrick. I always say that debt is a tool, and have repeatedly told people they have to spend their way to success. Why? Because it creates a sense of urgency to fulfill your obligation to the debt. Now, if you are irresponsible and not willing to do anything to bring in the money to cover the debt, then you are correct in not borrowing a dime. But if used correctly, debt can be a powerful tool to breakthrough any limiting beliefs you may hold by stopping at nothing to make good on the agreement. I appreciate the post.

  2. This is so true and applicable for me right now. I have been parked for a few years through not applying myself to calling my funds in and using this for fulfilling my life’s purpose.

    Today, a significant prod was received that will push me into taking this positive life changing decision to call my funds in and start creating the wealth I am called to create for me and my wife and my boys’ futures.