How to Choose a Goal You’ll Actually Hit

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

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I’ve set money goals many times and have never hit them. How do I set a money goal I’ll actually hit?

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GREAT question!!

Think about the amount of money you want to earn in your life right now. Go ahead, take a minute to think it over.

For this exercise, I don’t want you to just pull a number out of thin air like “a billion dollars” or something. The number has to mean something to you personally. It has to be relevant to your daily life, your purpose, or what you want your lifestyle to be.

In order to make the money you want, you must know WHY you want that specific number. This is key.

It cannot be arbitrary or random. Nor can it be based on a vague fantasy. The number has to be specific. It has to have meaning.

It cannot be
based in fear.

What’s your number? How much money do you want to make?

Don’t say something like, “Oh, I want to make $500 million a year, so that I never have to worry about money again. Then I could go sit on a beach and drink piña coladas for the rest of my life.” That’s based in fear, not true desire.

Your reason for wanting your number has to be practical, something that can be applied to your life right now.

For example, maybe you want to live a certain lifestyle that requires a lot of money. Maybe you want to help a group of people, give money to charity, feed kids in Africa…build your business to a certain level…buy an amazing house, car, or fly a private jet. All of that requires money. How much is required? And why do you want those particular things?

When you have a real reason behind the amount of money you want to make…you have more motivation for making it happen. (Then you’re not “bullshitting” yourself.)

You can choose to focus on a monthly number, or an annual number, whichever feels best for you. I like to help people think about monthly incomes. Then you can look at the actions you need to take in order to earn that amount each month.

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  1. I like monthly — feels much more doable and I can realistically put plans around that — and THAT will build out my year. Thank you.

  2. Hey David,
    I just wanted to share a recent “Blindspot Breakthrough” that I experienced. For years I have known about a company in my area (meaning I knew they were there). I had been searching for the opportunity to increase my income rapidly as you teach. I had made a decision to start looking for opportunities in places that I had never inquired about before because I knew that a new income acceleration opportunity would have to come from a different place then I habitually was looking for it in the past.

    To make a long story short, I had one conversation that led to the opportunity to (3x) my income doing something I enjoy doing. Wow! still awe struck, that it was there the whole time.

    my mind tried to talk me out of taking advantage of the opportunity many time in a 2 week period but I made a different choice and accepted the opportunity.

    I hope this story helps your readers and encourages them to believe in themselves.

    Thanks for Everything
    God Bless


    • That is freaking amazing Johnathan, and congratulations for this breakthrough. You opened yourself up to the opportunity, and more importantly, you didn’t brush it off when it showed up. That alone is inspiration for others. Now, go do it again! 😉