Clients Keep Cancelling on Me

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Anne.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

I committed to doing a certain number of client sessions and sales conversations each day in my business. My issue is, the people whom I’m making appointments with keep canceling at the last minute. This has happened four times. Even someone I’ve worked with for three years cancelled at the last minute—and that’s not her MO at all.

I feel like I’m not keeping my commitments, and I’m sitting with the feelings of disappointment, sadness, being disrespected, and underneath that—betrayal. Is the universe reflecting something back to me? Am I playing a role in causing this? What do I do?

Neagle Code Answer

Okay, so you’re misunderstanding something. When it comes to commitments, you only want to make a commitment on things you have 100% control over.

When you’re making sales calls, committing to conversations, etc., you can only control so much of that. You can’t control what the other person does, or doesn’t do. 

If this is a major issue where people are continually not keeping the appointment—now you have to go back and reevaluate—who are you marketing to? How are you getting those people in the door? Because that might need to be changed.

You’re doing a great job with your commitments. It’s not that you’re NOT meeting them.

Recognize where an adjustment needs to happen, so that you’re bringing in the right people who will keep the commitment.

As far as reflecting on your own feeling of betrayal—just go back to gratitude and awareness. Don’t take it personally. Don’t ever take anyone’s behavior personally.  If anything, they’re betraying themselves. They’re not keeping their own commitment. That should change things real quick.

Let’s say a person doesn’t keep the commitment. And then maybe a couple days later, another person doesn’t keep the commitment. All of a sudden you start focusing on that and start manifesting more of it.

Well, it wasn’t really a “pattern” before. You’re just over-focusing on it. That’s where you have to double down on using your vocabulary and words in the direction you want to go in.

Instead of repeating in your mind, “People aren’t keeping their commitments”— start telling yourself, “People ARE keeping their commitments on a regular basis, and I’m talking to people every day”… or whatever it is that you need to say to yourself.

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