Could fear actually lead to opportunity?

What if someone told you your million or multi-million dollar opportunity was closely linked to your fear?  What would you think?

Think about that right now…even write it down and look at it several times a day.  Thinking – I mean real thinking – is a lot of focused work, but there are great rewards for doing it.

FEAR = a programmed concept you either created or acquired from another person.
DESIRE = a longing from within to change your results.

Often, people DESIRE to have more money, but they FEAR the things in their current circumstances.  Fear creates a focus in a specific direction, and all of your attention is on the object of your fear.  Did you get that?

Simple Truth…

This creates a very limited reality, and the reality you believe in becomes your truth.

People won't act on things they don't believe to be true, and when fear is involved, IT BECOMES A TRUTH.  Think about how real something is when you are afraid.  The big problem is when you are afraid you have a difficult time seeing other opportunities. If you have the desire to increase your wealth the opportunity must be there. That is an absolute law of the universe.  So give this some thought, look around and begin to see what you have not seen up till now.


  1. Thanks for this, David. I have been considering a tremendous opportunity to help me grow my business. While my heart is powerfully drawn to it (desire), my mind fills with fear that it’s too expensive and I’ll be overstepping my means. I’ve decided to go ahead and say yes. While I don’t know how it will all work out, I know and believe I can do it. I feel it calling to me in a way that won’t leave me alone.

    Thanks for affirming I’m on the right path.

  2. David, my word! I’d never thought of it like that! I am an author and I write about overcoming what I fear most, but as I write novels, under a pseudonym, I am in control of the characters and the stories, so I conquer the fear in each novel.
    Thank you and bless you for this moment of enlightenment – I love your work and service.

  3. hmmm – there’s an opportunity available to me, but acting on it brings on my fear of rejection and not being taken seriously. soooo, i guess that means that i then focus on the fear itself and NOT the opportunity, which in turn makes it real. self-fulfilling prophesy i suppose? well isn’t THAT profound.