Do we have a spiritual crisis, manifested in our economy? Part Two continued …

Part Two of Two, now continued …

… Most people think wealth and poverty are entirely separate, and this misconception is part of the reason we are experiencing an economic crisis. But the truth is that, wealth and poverty are merely the physical evidence of one singular Universal Law being rightly or wrongly used.

So many people inaccurately believe that our source of money and “things” is other people, when actually other people are nothing more than the effect. Our Source is the Universe, and when we abide by the Laws of the Universe to add to life, we experience “more life” (read: abundance) ourselves.

Conversely, when we disregard these great Laws, or attempt to manipulate them, we experience a very different outcome … we drive down a very different road. That road is filled with lack and limitation. And we perpetuate the negative experience because we believe it's the only reality there is.

We then succumb to living a life of “needing” to “get”, and all our “getting” becomes difficult, because we have disconnected from our true Source, which is the Universe.

What does that leave us to do?

It leaves us to: struggle, push, manipulate, fail.

Because whatever we create that does not add to life will eventually come down.

Our economic model did not add to “more life” according to the Laws of the Universe, and now we're seeing it come down.

So, what you can do right now, given these effects?

This is the perfect time for you to evaluate how you are running your life. What do you believe is your Source? Have you been practicing communicating with Spirit … turning over your desires and intentions to the Universe … and giving acknowledgement and gratitude when it arrives?

If you’re not sure where to begin, I would like to provide you with another complimentary resource. My downloadable “Art of Success” 4-part audio program is the perfect starting point for seekers wanting to learn more about Universal Law.

May it be a turning point for you, as this teaching was for me.