Do we have a spiritual crisis, manifested in our economy?

What I’m about to write may be very difficult for you to accept and embrace.

For my part, I want you to know, that’s okay.

All I ask is that you sit with it.

If you disagree, that is your right to do so. I will not be offended, and I will continue to respect you and your opinions. It is my hope that we will continue to exchange ideas (and differences in opinions) for many years to come.

That being said, I believe this information is in large part what initially caused me to begin to grow, and to transform my life into the abundance and freedom that I enjoy today.

And if this information can help you to do the same, then my risk today of sharing this with you, will have been worth it!

So, with all the love in my heart, I ask you to consider this:

* * * * *

Truth: Everything we experience in our physical world is first created in our spiritual world.

Spirit is the unseen power that manifests in the physical realm of life as “reality”.

This is important because whatever we are experiencing on the physical plane of life is an “effect” and NOT a “cause”. The causes of all that we experience are all beyond our physical senses.

“Wealth” and “poverty” are “effects” experienced by individuals as a result of how they use their minds, and how they operate within the Universal Laws that govern all.

So it's not that we're the victims of widespread economic crisis … it's that we, as a people, are experiencing the effects of a widespread spiritual crisis. And, until we understand that we cannot manipulate Universal Laws to suit our individual purposes … we will continue to experience effects that we dislike.

Most people think wealth and poverty are entirely separate, and this misconception is part of the reason we are experiencing an economic crisis. But the truth is that wealth and poverty are merely the physical evidence of one singular Universal Law being rightly or wrongly used.

To be continued …


  1. I am concerned with your point — ““Wealth” and “poverty” are “effects” experienced by individuals as a result of how they use their minds, and how they operate within the Universal Laws that govern all.”

    If this is true, and as I write this I can hear you answer (LOL), those who are living in poverty and visit their church ritually, would be able to lift themselves out of poverty by giving to others without expectations, treating everyone with total respect, and sending “wants/dreams” to the Universe – rather than fear and anger.

    Is it then your opinion that those who live in poverty, and wealth for that matter, have the mindseet to experience the opposite effect?

    • Remember Lori, whatever you give energy to, grows. If you have a poverty mindset and focus on poverty, you will receive poverty. If you focus on abundance and take action toward it (physically, mentally and emotionally) you will receive abundance.

  2. David, after watching the four part series several times, I finally GET IT!! And what you say is so true, but it’s hard to get my head around the fact I actually created the chaos and panic in my life AND also the good stuff. It was hard to believe despite all I studied, that I was solely responsible for everything happening in my life. I also wasn’t sure if the person I thought I wanted to be, was OK. Now that I understand this concept, (having heard it many times from a variety of mentors), I GET it! This takes an enormous amount of pressure off me. It’s like having a blank canvass and having a huge grin of anticipation on my face! As to “managing” my present situations while creating new desirable ones, I am now asking myself that if this racing around isn’t really what I want, then what do I want: for my future enjoyment. I am truly grateful for your work.

  3. dear David after repeatedly read your article I have questions: whether our gratitude and acceptance of daily reality (no matter lack or povert) is one of influencing factor for abundance to be manifest? thank you for your answer

    • Gratitude really only keeps you from being resentful of your experience of what you don’t like and from slipping into entitlement of what you do like. Entitlement and resentment are two things that keep you from success Ganjar. Thank you for the post.

  4. In the English language, one of my very favourite terms is: “wrapping the mind around …” whatever – That is marvellous!!! It is so, because once one gets busy thinking about something, unlimited and doing so while using every possible ankle, one will grow understanding about the subject, understanding and intimacy. And that will not only give deep insight, it will give the thinker “ownership” of the subject.
    So yes, poverty and riches are the two sides of the very same thing (which is there in abundance). Understand it and you will have the manual to all sides.
    Of course, as Freud said: “Character is destiny” – it is – and of course, it requires to be worked on. Thoroughly. Also it may even belong, as one facet, to the realm of miracle work 😉
    We have control and responsibility for our results and what we manifest.

    • We certainly do have control for our results Alexandra, and it is those who grasp this difficult concept (in both good and bad instances) that manifest exactly what they want. It can be as easy or as difficult as one wants; I prefer the immediate and most direct path! Thanks for the post.

  5. Hi DaviD! Yes I knew about this law. However it’s taking me some time to apply it into my life and make the changes I need. As you may see sometimes it is not easy not only to accept full responsibility for the effects that we created, but also to break the mind patterns that feed them.
    When we ignore the Law it is few what we can do, since we tend to victimize ourselves. However, everything changed to me when I knew that Abundance included both Wealth and Poverty. Now I am diving into how desire or the lack of it influence my ability to Choose.
    Looking forward to the second part of this article. Thanks to share!

    • Thanks Silvina. Ignoring this law has consequences in hindering our abundant mindset and will not allow you to grow. It sounds like you are effectively putting this into practice and learning that to stay on track you must monitor each experience as it comes into your awareness. Every one of them is a learning opportunity and one that must be embraced, both in good and in not so good. Keep breaking through. I appreciate the comment.

  6. Your words resonate with me deeply David…thanks. I often listen to the words of Esther Hicks who channels Abraham and she speaks of all the same things you do. Thanks for being such an amazing lightworker…we need more like you to come forward 😉

  7. Hi David! I discovered you and your work several weeks ago and each day, I am studying your programs the Art of Success and the 7 Mindset & Manifesting Secrets of Multimillionaire Entrepreneurs and every single thing you mention deeply resonates in my heart and soul.

    I am definitely on my way to BE who I really am and I am very grateful for your presence in my life.

    So to answer your question regarding your blog post… YES… I truly believe that poverty and wealth are the physical evidence of one of the Universal Laws! And knowing that is so freeing!!!

    Thank YOU again!

    • You are very welcome Sylvie! It is freeing for sure and I appreciate you sharing your insight with us. I look forward to hearing more about your successes.

  8. Hi David

    What is your thinking then as to why a child gets cancer? The child is too young to work the law so is it the parents??
    Many thanks in anticipation of your answer

    • Thank you for your question Emma. It is a question that I often get and that question is one that really seems like such a paradox to so many people. Before I answer it think for a moment how the question keeps people stuck. When it comes to children we have a lot of emotion tied up in them because we see them as our children or another persons children and our view is that they are innocent and didn’t deserve cancer or any other illness or accident, etc. they might experience. This then causes us to think emotionally about the situation instead of using truth and logic to guide us in our thinking process. When think emotionally it keeps us stuck in a story or in our pain and very often we lose the ability to be able to right ourselves during these life challenges. Sometimes it even makes things much worse because if we get stuck in a emotional story we become vulnerable to creating devastating problems in our own lives by getting stuck in destructive behaviors. This is why your question is so important and why I want to take the time to explain this properly.

      Now, to your question directly. Everything in the Universe comes under the law, including children. We think it very cold and unthinkable to say it’s the child’s fault they have cancer so we look for some other circumstance to explain what is happening. Doing this however creates the problem, when we use the word blame instead of responsibility we remove the power of the child. We might not know the reason why the child got cancer but we can redefine what it means to the child and the parents and what the experience is going to mean to them. This allows everyone involved to create a much more powerful story about the illness and how it can be empowering going forward in their lives. We come under the law even if we are not conscious of it.