Do you feel powerless?!?

I’m writing this to you on Saturday, when I have just 90 minutes between my youngest daughter’s softball game, and the arrival of my middle daughter’s “sleepover posse”.

But I’ve got something on my mind that can’t wait …

There was a common theme running through my private, one-on-one coaching calls this past week that was more prevalent & intense & “about-to-be-extremely-destructive” than I’ve experienced in quite some time.

And it popped up too many times this past week for these to be isolated cases …

So I want to address it immediately & head-on with all of my subscribers & students, because here’s what I’m hearing:

You’re feeling small.

You’re feeling insignificant and inconsequential.

You’re feeling like a … fraud.

You’re feeling like you’re never going to reach your goals and live your dreams, because you’re just not …

  • special enough,
  • compelling enough,
  • inspiring enough
  • beautiful enough

… for any more than a handful of people to pay attention, and listen to you, and care what you have to say.

Add to that, you don’t feel any serious, accomplished business owners will want to JV with you because …

  • your list is too small
  • your business is too new
  • you haven’t mastered online marketing
  • you don’t know enough of the “right” people
  • you’re not making enough money in your business
  • you don’t have a proven sales record

… and the list of negatives goes on!

Look everyone, I started from & with nothing! And if I can make millions & reach thousands with my message, so can you and I will help you!!

* * * * * * * *

So right now, I want you to follow my lead, and do this:

1) Reach behind your head, grab the back of your collar and pull yourself up straight and tall! You ARE divine & powerful & amazing, so start believing it and acting like it!

2) Now repeat after me: “I am ONE with the Universe, and nothing is beyond my reach or unavailable to me! And I am WILLING to fulfill the great purpose that Spirit intends directly and especially for me!”

3) Find a pen & paper, and write this down:

Date: Wednesday May 5, 2010

Time: 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific

Conference Line: 818-742-0029

Private Pin Number: 383688#

And in case the phone lines are jammed, save this webcast link:


4) Make a commitment to yourself (and to me) right now that at the above date and time, you WILL join me for at least 60 minutes (we may go longer) on my private conference line so I can work with you to get your head straight about just how brilliant and powerful and needed you are!

* * * * * * * *

Here’s what I want to teach you on this call:

  1. The 5 sources of POWER that already exist in your business, that you can activate and put to work for you immediately.
  2. The #1 best way you can immediately start showing up in your business (and in the world) as the brilliant, POWERHOUSE expert that you are … even if you don’t feel that way right now.
  3. What it means to truly adopt, once and for all, the mindset of a 7-figure+ business owner! (There’s a certain way all 7-figures earners had to think BEFORE they crossed the million-dollar-mark! But it’s a decision to think this way, and you’ve got to understand it to make it work for you!)
  4. The 2 absolutes you must understand immediately to CLOSE your sales conversations faster, and feel great doing so! (Look: you deserve the experience of accepting more money, more often, more easily!)
  5. What your marketing says about you … and how you can shift it to immediately come from a place of POWER, and never desperation!

Sound good?

You’ve got the number & the webcast link.

You’ve got the date and time.

There’s not a single hoop for you to jump through.

All you have to do now is SHOW UP LIVE for a boost of your spirits & your business acumen … and I’ll meet you there!

Ok! I’ve got to get back to my Saturday, but I really wanted to address this today … It breaks my heart that you’ll feeling so small, and I really want to give you some tools to uplift and inspire you … and remind you of how truly amazing you really are!

Wishing you an awesome day!

“Just Believe”,

P.S. Yes, you are more than welcome to share this invitation. I’m going to have this posted on my blog at before the end of the day on Monday too. (Actually, if you like, leave me a comment on my blog and let me know you’ll be there!)

P.P.S. I have no way of knowing how many people will show up for this call (because I’m not requiring that you register in advance) … so if the phone lines are jammed, please join me on the webcast at:


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for putting this together. I own a little marketing company that helps businesses get more traffic, leads and sales from their website using things like SEO, social media marketing, and video marketing.

    I do, however, sometimes feel powerless when asking for the sale, the money. There is definitely an energy shift that happens when money is involved.

    I feel that I have such detailed knowledge about website/internet marketing, social media marketing, SEO, etc. In fact, people tell me all the time.

    They want to pick my brain or just have a “quick chat” or they just have one quick question. They say how smart I am and then when I tell them that I can also get them a nice package together that would get them a consistent source of new traffic, leads, and sales they say things like, oh, I’m not ready to really spend anything now or we’ll take a look at your proposal and get back to you, or worst, let me talk it over with my spouse, partner, board, etc and I never hear from them again, unless they have another quick question.

    There is something holding me back from where I “feel” I should be. I know we all make the decisions and are where we are in life because of those decisions. I just don’t know how to make the decisions that will get me there faster.

    Now don’t get me wrong, me and my team have worked on sites from really small one pagers, to large nationally known companies like Dish Network, Associated Content, and Cars Direct, to name a few, but it would be nice to grow at a faster pace and get to where my visions have me.

    I’ve enjoyed your Just Believe program, (it’s in my cd player in my car and I listen to it all the time – awesome), and feel I’ll get a lot of value from this call. Sign me up and can’t wait for it.


    Preston Rahn