Expecting that “It’s Already Done”

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

I’ve heard you say that when we put messages (or prayers) out into the universe, we must have an expectation that “it’s already done.”

I know someone who’s in a 12-step program. They’re reestablishing their version of prayer. They were discussing how many people are basically begging God (or a higher power) to help them to NOT take a drink each day. It seems like their prayer isn’t coming from expectation—because they’re not expecting that they’ll be able to refrain from drinking. Yet somehow, they make it through the day. How is that possible?

Neagle Code Answer

The prayer will work for the people who really want to quit drinking.

It WON’T for those who don’t want to quit drinking.

It’s the same with everything else—whether you’re trying to manifest money, more business, a house, or a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The universe responds to your energetic intention—not the words coming out of your mouth.

Many people are taught that “prayer” means asking for what they want instead of claiming it.

If they truly believe that asking for what they want will bring it to them—then it will show up, because their intention is actually to change.

The emotion behind it is the most important part. It’s not the words, so much as the emotion.

The words frame an image in your mind. That’s all they do.

In the Bible it says, “God knows your heart.”

Emotions put out an energetic imprint that’s 60 times stronger than the thoughts.

Also, if you have a strong desire to change, this overrides any lack of belief you might have.

If you learn to listen to your desire, it will lead you through your life. If it’s a true desire, it will always overcome the beliefs—whereas wishes and wants won’t, because there’s no energy behind those. (Or there’s usually a negative energy behind it.)

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