[Fast Cash Formula Series] Article #13 ~ How To Seize Opportunity

So far in this series, we have taken these three steps:

Step 1. Identify your “need,” the amount to the penny of your monthly bills.
Your need is a snapshot of where you are. In order to get where you want to go, you have to start where you are. If you’re already meeting your need every month, identify what you want, your financial goal.

Step 2. Determine why you need it.
You created the situation or circumstances in your life that you need that money for. Taking responsibility for those situations can lead you to powerful life changes.

Step 3. Become aware of the right opportunity to get what you need or want.
Opportunities are all around you. One or two will lead you to your goal, but others will not. Over the past several weeks, I helped you determine the best opportunity for you. (If you missed any articles in this series, you can find them here.)

As I’ve said, the right opportunity + action = success. This leads us to Step 4, which is:

Step 4. Take action on the opportunity.

Once you’ve determined the right opportunity, step into it completely and see it all the way through to its conclusion.

You probably won’t know exactly how or under which circumstances the opportunity will bring you what you want, and this is where people falter. Before they step into the opportunity, they want to know what’s going to happen. What will be required of them? But it’s just not possible to know that.

In order to achieve something you’ve never had before, you have to grow, you have to face some challenges and you have to change. You couldn’t possibly know in advance what those changes will be. Trying to imagine and control those future changes will only hold you back because that creates doubt, fear, and anxiety. Before you know it, you’re not doing anything but sitting around thinking about what you know you should be doing.

You need to step into the opportunity, with faith, trusting the Law of Polarity, which states that the money you need is around you right now. You did the footwork, as I showed you to do, to find that perfect opportunity for you, so now you just have to trust the universe and yourself.

Expect Success

When you step into the opportunity, expect success.

Expecting success actually changes your actions. You’re willing to do much more than if you were harboring doubt. Therefore, your expectation of success actually helps to create it. For instance, if you expect your teleseminar to fill, you’ll keep working up to the very last minute. You won’t give up, saying, “I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”

Instead, you’ll say, “My teleseminar is filling. I know it is. I’m going to keep at it until it does.”

And guess what happens? You brim with ideas and actions, the universe starts to help you and your teleseminar fills because failure was never an option.

As I’ve said, people don’t fail, they quit.

When you step out in faith, expecting success, and pursue your opportunity all the way to its conclusion, you will collect the money you need.

It will be there. That’s the promise of the Law of Polarity. Like gravity it absolutely never fails.


David Neagle, The Million Dollar Income Acceleration Mentor and author of The Millions Within, teaches entrepreneurs and commission-based sales professionals how to quantum leap their current incomes past the 7-figure income level, often in less than 12 months. As a world-class speaker, sales trainer, and success-mindset mentor to some of the globe’s top CEOs, David also privately mentors big decision-makers in their pursuit of quantum success and peace of mind.


  1. The timing of this article is a little scary. I worked with a financial coach today and we mapped out where my business is and how much (exactly) I need. We then discussed different ways I could design programs to make money needed. I then opened your article and a lot of the things she’s spoken to me were reiterated again. Very confirming. Thanks for the work you do.

    • Remember Alyssa, the fear or ‘scary’ feeling you are experiencing is nothing more than your egos way of keeping you under control and not growing. What a gift to know exactly what you need. Now, go out and do it. Thanks for the post and I look forward to hearing your results.