[Fast Cash Formula Series] Article #3 ~ The Magic Box at Your Command

Whenever we have money problems, we tend to worry, struggle, tighten the purse strings and engage in other types of lack-inspired thinking and behaviors that actually push money away.

Not only does a mindset of lack push money away, but it also blocks ideas that would bring money in. It’s as though you have a little man in your head with a flyswatter, flicking away those pesky, expansive ideas from the Universe that don’t match what he believes.

Now imagine that you have a little magic box in your home that produces whatever you want, whenever you want it. Imagine how that would change how you think and feel.

Fear, worry and insecurity would fade, because you’d know that you could go to your magic box whenever you wanted something.

Your Magic Box

The truth is you have such a box. You can have any amount of money you want, whenever you want it.

The Law of Polarity states that if you have a need or a desire, the way to fulfill that desire has to exist in your life as well. You just have to reach out and grab it.

The money that you want, the thing you desire, is as close as your own breath. It doesn’t require great amounts of learning or strategy.

Let’s say you earn $100,000 a year, and you want to earn $10 million.

To earn that $10 million, you will definitely need a different way of making money than you have now, but the first step to that new way is in your life right now. And it may not take as long as you think to reach $10 million.

It will require a mental shift. You will have to put your faith in the Law of Polarity, and send the man with the flyswatter packing.

Then, brilliant money-making ideas will actually get through to you. You’ll take action on them and give yourself a new experience. Let’s be modest and say you double your income. Your subconscious won’t be able to deny that you doubled your income, and it will form a new belief that you can do that.

Armed with this new belief, you can ascend even faster, tripling, quintupling or increasing your income even more. My clients and students make massive leaps all the time.

That can begin for you today with your faith that life can be better, that the Law of Polarity is true.

So imagine that magic box in your home, apply what you learn in this series, and just watch what you can do!


David Neagle, The Million Dollar Income Acceleration Mentor and author of The Millions Within, teaches entrepreneurs and commission-based sales professionals how to quantum leap their current incomes past the 7-figure income level, often in less than 12 months. As a world-class speaker, sales trainer, and success-mindset mentor to some of the globe’s top CEOs, David also privately mentors big decision-makers in their pursuit of quantum success and peace of mind.


  1. Always a good reminder to read your articles. Just when I think I learned something, I realize I forgot it but you reinforce it. Thanks! Keep them coming 🙂

  2. 1000 thank you’s David for your work and inspiration! Truly I have discovered your work at a crucial time in my life. I have been feeling and in a place of being stuck, like your time spent working on the docks you speak about recently. Yesterday I made a big decision for me. No more living small I declared! I contacted Fiona Harrold, a lady who speaks very highly of yourself, having worked directly with you recently, and have enrolled on her Sprint coaching programme. Through Fiona I have had the joy of discovering your work. I finished watching video 2 you kindly provide for free, and I have hope! Thank you. The information you talk about on beliefs and being stuck is amazing, I loved the j curve description. I am now determined to be aware of my blindspots and serve many people with my Spiritual shadowboxing programme and philosophy. I wanted to write and say thank you for providing inspiration and hope at an important time in my life. I wish you a lifetime of continued success, happiness and health. Thank you David.

    James Lambert
    Founder of Spiritual shadowboxing
    Horsham, United Kingdom

    • That’s great James. I’m very glad you found me through Fiona. Everything you need is here right now, you just have to make the decision to claim it. It’s a lot easier than most people think. Keep me posted on your growth.

  3. Hearing you talk about the law of polarity the first time made sense, but now I realize that I just understood it intellectually. Now I am taking action in my mind to take my first tiny steps into a new way of thinking and it means letting go of how I used to think. It’s not easy, but whenever the negativity creeps in (my little “man” in my head), I just say “If I desire to change my income from its current $0 status in my business to $5,000 a month right now, if I really desire it, then the way is here in front of me right now!” It is really a powerful affirmation. Thanks David I am eternally grateful for your recordings it feels like you are by my side through this transition process