[Fast Cash Formula Series] Article #6 ~ Exactly Why Lottery Winners Go Broke

If you had the choice between a deposit of $5 million into your bank account or a change in your belief system to include the knowing that you can have whatever amount of money you want, which would you choose?

Most people would choose the $5 million, but you would be wise to pick the latter because, if that money were put into your account and you didn’t change your underlying beliefs, you’d be back to where you are today pretty quickly.

In fact, the majority of lottery winners end up broke several years later.

That’s because the subconscious mind, which includes the belief system, works like a thermostat.

Where Is Your Thermostat Set?

If you set a thermostat at 72 degrees and the temperature drops below that, the heat will come on to bring the temperature back to 72. If it gets hotter than that, the air conditioner will kick on to bring the room back to its set point.

Similarly, if you were programmed to struggle financially, like many of us were, and you’re thrust into sudden wealth, your subconscious mind will kick up a fuss in order to bring you back to where you’re “supposed” to be.

We see this all of the time in our culture. People increase their income and, all of a sudden, their life goes to hell in a handbasket. If they don’t understand what’s happening, most will conclude that success is “too hard” or it’s not the “right time,” and they’ll revert to where they were.

Shift Your Set Point

Because most of your beliefs were programmed before age seven and you may not even be aware of what they are, changing your set point around money requires diligence. You have to reject any ideas that reinforce lack and nurture faith in abundance.

Two simple ways to do that is to stop using coupons and waiting for sales. If you want something now, and you have the money for it, buy it. Say to yourself, “I deserve to be paid full price for what I do, so I’m going to pay somebody else full price as well.”

Also, reject any notion that money is bad.

Many of us were taught that money is suspect, yet hard work is good. So we’re working hard for something bad. That actually puts us in a conflicted place, as though we have one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake.

Is it any wonder that people find financial success difficult ~ and exhausting?

The truth is, as I’ve said, that money was an expansive idea that was given to us by the Universe to help us evolve as a species. We couldn’t have accomplished all that we have without it.

If you can really absorb that idea and change how you think about and deal with money everyday, your beliefs will shift.

You will push up the set point on your money thermostat.

You can create that $5 million and keep it, because you will know it’s yours.


David Neagle, The Million Dollar Income Acceleration Mentor and author of The Millions Within, teaches entrepreneurs and commission-based sales professionals how to quantum leap their current incomes past the 7-figure income level, often in less than 12 months. As a world-class speaker, sales trainer, and success-mindset mentor to some of the globe’s top CEOs, David also privately mentors big decision-makers in their pursuit of quantum success and peace of mind.


  1. It’s taken me such a long long long time to really *get* why i’ve been struggling forever with money and now the work has begun to undo it all. It’s not easy and I often find myself getting pulled back to my old way of thinking, as is expected.

    There seems to be so many layers of ‘stuff’ to get through and it just keeps coming, but i’ve given myself no choice, there’s no place else to go but forward and as much as I get frustrated and feel like throwing in the towel, I can’t; the thought alone is too painful.

    I can’t help thinking that I subconciously put myself in the position I am now to force myself into growing. When I wasn’t where I am now, I had many opportunities to do so but never did – I gave up every time and made excuses.

    Thank goodness the universe is always there to support you no matter what.

    • Thanks for sharing Denise, it’s not always the easiest thing to point that out in ourselves. You must come to understand that you did indeed put yourself in this situation because it served you in some way. Now that you are ready to move through it, and be completely honest with your direction, you burn the ships and move forward. There are layers for sure, its just a matter of seeing the truth in the situation and getting into a mode of continuous growth. The Universe always responds. I appreciate the post and look forward to hearing more from you.

  2. Experiencing a major shift in my journaling this morning allowed me to absorb this truth you share here. Coupons and I are no longer in a relationship and my favorite cheese has never gone on sale at Whole Foods.

    • That’s great Cory. Ditch the coupons, get the cheese of your choice, and enjoy life the way it was meant to be lived. It does wonders for your wealth consciousness. Appreciate the post.

  3. Thank you David for another great post. I hope you are keeping really well and your team are all great too. I recently passed on your fantastic dvd to a friend of mine and he has had a breakthrough watching it, so inspired he’s opened his own business. Thank you for the positive difference your making.

    James Lambert

    • I appreciate that James, thanks for the post. My team and I have never been better, and the best is yet to come.

  4. David – You’re observation that we’re working hard for something that the vast majority have a problem with (money) is the kind of breakthrough that the human race is looking for to truly solve one of a number of problems that plagues us.
    I still haven’t figured out why you gurus are still running scared of addressing this issue, but since I resonate very highly with the way you teach, and your seeming ability to find and address issues just like the one mentioned above (and your Blindspot Breakthrough would be another); I’ll challenge you to take it on, as it is a huge problem. It has been mentioned in general by many of you, but never tackled directly. That is the issue of why Jesus (or Christianity, if you must still avoid the name of Jesus and/or God) was so supposedly against money. Why did he tell the young man of means when the young man asked him what he must do to follow Him, that he must divest himself of all his money first in order to follow Jesus? Why is it that “love of money is the root of all evil”? How does money change some people who have it in negative ways? What I’m wanting to see is if you have the knowledge and courage to address the fact that virtually everyone (at least over the age of 40 or so) has one or more belief(s) about money being evil (negative) in relation to religion (mostly Christianity). I realize that the religious angle towards money really is no different than any other poor belief about money that stops people from being able to accept money into their lives in a healthy way; but I still believe that the religious point of view needs to be addressed specifically. And that the person who is able to do so successfully, will reap a whirlwind of reward. As you may have figured out, I believe that you are capable of doing this, or I would not have written to you about it. I hope you can see the immense value of taking the time to write about it and help a very large number of people, as well as yourself.

    • Kevin, I have to admit your inquiry has me confused from a number of places. However being that my whole career has been about changing this very issue I don’t understand your comment about running scared. In fact many of my peers having been addressing this same issue for their whole career. We have taken it on and changed thousands of lives because of it. I know what my purpose is and I am doing what I was meant to do. I wouldn’t take on a challenge from anyone just because they felt I should when really if they feel so passionate it’s probably what they should be doing. I hope this helps.

    • Kevin,

      This issue has plagued me as well… my issue with (against) money, or more specifically with conditional trading (in contrast with love and sharing (both unconditional)). However I am now earnestly seeking to resolve my issue with money, one way or the other so I can get on with it… either by getting very clear on my dedication of unconditional living in relation to money, and/or discovering and getting past any limiting/negative beliefs that may be distorting my perception. Thus I am here with an open mind. I just discovered this fastcash series (in 2017) and am finding it very illuminating!

      In light of my seeking here and the stimulus of your question, I just re-read Matthew 6. In the latter half of that chapter, Jesus was talking about money. I now see what he was saying in a new light than I had before:

      1. Do not hoard money (or things). That is scarcity, faithless thinking. To put another way, invest your energy in developing resourcefulness rather than resources.
      2. Do not chase after money. Money is never the goal. Focus on the Goal and the “money” (all that is required in support of the Goal) takes care of itself or in other terms, is attracted in support of the Goal. The Goal is not set by the ego, but is discerned from the heart, the core, the spirit of a person… what Jesus called “The Father” or “The Kingdom of God”.

      The “rich” man whom Jesus guided to sell all his possessions, give the money to the poor, then to follow him (Jesus)… that man was a hoarder, trusting in what he could see with his eyes for his sense of security and well-being, rather than KNOWING and living by spirit and being present in the here and now.

      I don’t think Jesus was “against” money in the way we would tend to think of “against” something in modern society. But I think he had no use for it. He was so in tune with abundance that he didn’t require the crutch of money. Any time money was required (which was rare), he could attract it in an instant. For example, one of his disciples was once worried about the local federal extortioner/bully (alias “tax collector”), so after saying “oh you of little faith”, Jesus advised him to catch a fish, open its mouth, and there would be a coin. His disciple believe him and acted from that belief, and thus the coin was manifest. Now that disciple had his non-Kingdom (of God) security blankey. While Jesus advised not to put trust in such things, he was also compassionate and respected where people were at in their current beliefs.

      As for “the love of money is the root of all evil”, I’m not sure who I heard this from, nor have I verified this myself, but someone (a public figure on success & money) pointed out that that phrase was mistranslated and was originally “the lust of money…”. The lust, the greed, the covetousness. I have in my past researches found numerous errors in modern biblical translations (comparing both NIV and King James with a Strong’s Concordance, and with an understanding that there was no punctuation in the ancient Greek), that in some cases changes the entire meaning of what was said. So it wouldn’t at all surprise me if this was also such an error. It became very apparent to me that Greek-to-English translators did not understand the things Jesus was saying when they did their translations (nor do Christians).

      As for the issue of money ~appearing to~ corrupt people… Any action is an expression of energy and has the effect of amplifying the energy behind it within the individual. Money in great amounts mean more control (which is very different than genuine power, btw), and thus have the effect of amplifying the effects of the action. So if people express insecurity or greed or domination of others using high amounts of control (ie money), it radically amplifies that insecurity, greed, or “need” to dominate within them. The other side of the coin is equally true… if someone uses large sums of money to express unconditional love and generosity, then the love and generosity within them will be hugely amplified by their use of all that money. So in that sense, money is a tool – it is neutral. Technology is the same way. It isn’t good or bad. It’s the energy behind its use that determines the nature of its results.

    • P.S. In the comment I just left, I mentioned (# “1”) – invest your energy in developing resourcefulness rather than resources. I realize I was unclear in that. Nothing wrong with developing resources too. The idea is not to hoard resources, not to become dependent on, or get your sense of security from resources being there. That’s not “where its at”.

  5. Hi David –
    Thank you so much for your amazing information and perspective on money and abundance of every kind! I heard your interview with Gina DeVee a couple of weeks ago, and I have been hooked and have immersed myself in your info and psycho-cybernetics. I have already had major aha moments that have made a difference. I am looking forward to more and more success and abundance for myself as a result.

    • That’s great Carol, glad you are resonating with the material. I look forward to hearing more from you as you continue to study and grow. Make it a great day!

  6. Hi David-

    I heard your interview with the women of The Feminine Art of Manifesting, too, and was immediately drawn to purchase your book and request the Blind Spot video series. I believe that my success to date (from welfare and mental illness to corporate officer) can be attributed to manifesting and miracles and this is one more brilliant leap forward on that path. I love your style, your integrity and your warmth. Thanks and good luck to you!