Why “the fear of success” is a myth

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Amanda B.

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Hi David,

I recently heard you say that a fear of success is not real. And yet, I think I have a fear of success. I have every opportunity to have a thriving business, but when I get close to thriving, I put the brakes on. Can you explain to me how this is NOT the fear of success, because it sure feels like it.

Neagle Code Answer

Hi Amanda,

First, I want to be clear. What you are dealing with is not the fear of success.

No one is afraid of success. You succeed in different areas of your life everyday.

What you are struggling with is the fear of what you believe you will need to leave behind in order to achieve success.

You put the brakes on because:

A) You’re worried about what people are going to think of you if you make a mistake

B) You’re worried about what people will think of you if you do achieve success

C) You’re worried about who you will need to leave behind if you seek your own success

D) You’re worried about what you will have to give up to accept success into your life

You see, it’s never about the fear of success, it’s about the stories you have around success.

Check in with yourself right now.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Who will I need to walk away from to be successful?

2) What risks will I need to take that may threaten my fear of what people may think of me?

3) What things will I need to walk away from that will no longer support my success?

4) Am I willing to do whatever it takes for my own success?

These questions will help you see how your sub-conscious mind is getting in your way of standing confident in your decision-making.

As soon as you shine the light of the truth on this, you’ll be able to see things in a whole new way!

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  1. Dear David Neagle:

    Oh. My. God. I just had a monumental breakthrough.

    What you are struggling with is the fear of what you believe you will need to leave behind in order to achieve success.

    Yes. Mmmmm. My mother always said rich people were evil, that if they just shared they’re wealth, the world would be a good place.

    My best friend always turned on me if I achieved any level of success. She would sneer, and scoff, and snit if I accomplished anything good.

    My father always *said* he wanted success for us, but if we achieved a modicum of it, he began to look pained and quickly became silent.

    Is this what we’re fearing, losing the love and support of those that raised us? Foregoing solidarity with them?

    For God’s sake, man, how do you over come *that*?

    Many of us would move heaven and earth to please these people.

    • You absolutely are in fear of losing the love and support of those you love Mara, and that is painful to think of. But, often times it is what separates those with wealth and success from those who don’t. You see, when you separate yourself from those who are wanting to keep you in a place of safety and security and up-level into what you truly desire, that is when you will achieve the breakthrough. That will require you to no longer care what others think about you. Are you up to the task? Ask yourself if the pain of staying where you are is worse than the pain of losing someone who gave you that limited belief system.