How Do I Find My Purpose?

For the past 20 years, one of the most popular and common questions I’ve gotten is: “What’s my purpose?”

People ask me this all the time.

“What was I put here to do? How do I find my purpose? How do I step into my purpose?”

It almost gets to the point of a dysfunctional obsession… where they can’t think of anything else. They’re like, “I've gotta find my purpose, I’ve gotta find my purpose…”

The answer is not hard.

In fact, our purpose is not something we need to “find” to begin with.

We’re already in our purpose right now.

No matter what you’re doing or experiencing in your life right now — you’re already in your purpose.

You might be thinking, “How could that be? I don’t even like what I’m doing. I’m not making the money I want to make. I’m living in fear. I have anxiety, pain, or sickness. I have trouble in my relationships. I have dreams that I want to pursue, but no idea how to get there…”

“So how could I possibly be in my purpose?”

Here’s the truth:

Whatever you’re doing or experiencing right now, at this point in your life, is absolutely required for you to make a different decision today or tomorrow to do what you were put here to do.

In fact, everything that’s already happened in your life up to this point was 100% essential to get you to where you are right now.

All of your experiences shaped you in some way, and taught you something that you need to understand, in order to move forward.

I suggest you take a pen and paper, and spend several hours reflecting over your life, and everything you’ve learned.

Most people have never examined their own life. Nor have they put much thought into what all of their experiences have taught them.

I encourage you to do this. Think about what you’ve learned throughout your life, what you’d like to change, and what’s needed to move yourself in a different direction.

Going through this process will reveal any changes you want to make in your life.

And remember… you’re already in your purpose.

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