Giving up Control to Scale

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Kathleen.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

I have built a very successful company of which I am the only “employee”. My growth is now capped. How do I move beyond the fear of scaling, even if I don’t hire people directly but build a resource team of affiliates instead?

Neagle Code Answer

Here’s the thing…

Many businesses start as an office of one, but not a lot of them grow into full-fledged companies. And that often has to do with the owner’s fear of delegating or outsourcing.

I understand that it can seem scary to give up control. 

One day, your success depends on your performance. And on the next, there are all these moving parts that can influence it.

But the truth is… 

You’re not letting go of control by outsourcing. You’re directing it based on your instructions and the vision of where you want the business to go.

An entrepreneur should know how to do this. Otherwise, you’ll overwhelm yourself and your own business will become a nightmare. Not to mention that you’re putting a cap on its growth.

At some point, you need to get over yourself and start manifesting the people that your business needs to thrive.

And yes, you can absolutely do this without losing control. 

You must understand that you always have full control over your business. And on any given day, you can hire or fire someone. As a business owner, you get to take your company in whichever direction you want.

Think about all the people who would love to work for you. Imagine the growth that you can achieve by having a team of high-performers on your side. The image in your head will go a long way towards helping you combat any fear of outsourcing or scaling.

It all comes down to gaining clarity and making a committed decision to scale. 

So, set a date to make your first hire. When you take that first step, all other steps to come will be easier. 

In time, you’ll build an outstanding team and unlock your business’ full potential.

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