What’s a reasonable timeline for achieving goals?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Robert.

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Hello David!

Thanks for taking my question!

How do you determine what is reasonable when setting timelines for goal attainment?

Neagle Code Answer

Hi Robert!

Sometimes, time is not a factor when setting goals, and other times, it’s important to do your research before setting that goal.

Some business owners use
time as an excuse.

They say things like:

“When I get “x” number clients, I’ll do “z”.”

This is a dysfunctional way of looking at time. It keeps a business owner playing small, and I certainly don’t recommend it, especially when a quantum leap can sometimes occur just by making a decision that time is NOT a factor.

If you do have a goal that requires time, for example, building a house, you must do your research and be flexible with your timelines.

Obviously it’s tough for me to guess at what your goal entails, but be honest with yourself.

Are you using time as an excuse or are you building in reasons to delay?


Do you need to gather more information to see what tasks need to be completed for you to attain your goal?

Always remember, nature abhors a vacuum.

Work will always fill the time allotted.


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  1. I love this explanation! “Quantum leaps” is exactly how I have experienced accomplishments that did not have a fixed timeline associated. It’s really fun when things happen in record time, but I have to remind myself that delays can also be “quantum leaps” in the making.

    • Thanks for the post Lorraine. I agree that when what you desire comes in fast and easy it is such a blast! Delays can and often do become a part of the process. It is in those times that you keep moving forward and don’t let anything stop you from moving forward. Your subconscious mind will look for any excuse to keep you safe, and in this case that means keeping you exactly where you are. No excuses, just keep going!