[Goal Setting Series]Article #1 ~ You Can Have It Now

Time is a perception that human beings create. The Universe doesn't recognize it.

Time doesn't really exist, but we are subject to it because of our belief in it.

For example, you age because a genetic program says the human body should do so, but if you removed that program, your body would not age.

The fact that we're not yet at that stage of awareness is irrelevant. People change their genetic nature all the time by changing their belief systems.

Just think of the examples you've heard of people with Stage 4 cancer, who “shouldn't” have survived, yet they did. A person's belief system, optimism and faith can turn terminal illnesses around.

If we can do it with cancer, we can do it for anything.

You Can Have It Now

The Universe is saying, “You can have it now.”

You can have what you want now because you have the desire for it now.

Like Holliwell said, “No desire is recognized within the human without the way for the physical manifestation to take place.” Time is not part of the manifesting equation.

But when you make a goal and give it a deadline, you automatically factor in time.

You say, “I can have it in six months or a year.”

Then what happens? You bring in the problems and the complications that make it take at least that long.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Three Steps for Factoring Out Time

If you want to achieve your dream according to the Universe's rules, rather than your own, embrace these three steps:

1. Accept that your dream is achievable.

Once you have your idea, it is possible to attain, because the idea now exists in the Universe. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation can bring it into form.

2. Let the Universe set the timeline.

You may not know how your goal is going to happen or how it can happen quickly, but that doesn't mean the Universe doesn't know.

Your job is to have the idea, follow the inspirations that arise from that idea, heed the suggestions I'll share over the next several weeks, and let the Universe arrange the details.

3. Be aware that you're instantly manifesting 24 hours a day.

You're manifesting every positive and negative thing you're experiencing.

What you experience in your outer world is a projection of who you are in your inner world.

While your goal may seem bigger and more difficult to achieve than the things and people in your daily life, it's not.

To the Universe, it's exactly the same.

And if you can let the Universe set the time frame, you really can achieve your goal sooner, with much less effort and fewer setbacks.

You can have what you want, and you can have it now.

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  1. Hi david,
    This is really a great article. The “time” thing can be very difficult to come to grips with. We, as humans, find it very difficult to dismiss the idea of self made deadlines. I think it may still be somewhat unclear for me. I have goals. I feel that I must go along at a particular pace in order to move forward……..Oh Crap……..I just got it. Hey this is great. I can see where things may take longer than originally anticipated but the universe can also eliminate obstacles so things happen with greater ease and so quicker. What a concept! thanks
    (by the way, My Ezine/Blog will not be live ’till the end of the month. Your link is on it now. to me, you walk on water. thanks again.

    • I love seeing breakthroughs happen like this Donna; it just hit you in the middle of your typing. That is great and gave me a laugh! Good for you.

  2. This is the first time I am reading something different from setting SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timeline) goals. From my personal experience, I too agree that setting a time line is good for two reasons:
    1. To give ourselves the discipline to take action within that time.
    2. Subconsciously plant the seeds of achieving the goal by that time.

    However if we become too rigid thinking too much about the deadline, then I agree that we tend to bring complications within that time. At the same time in the real world it is difficult to believe that
    “You can have it NOW”
    It takes effort and time in programming our subconscious mind and test with our small positive/verifiable experiences in life to embrace that belief.
    Once we make conscious effort, we will slowly let go of doubts/fear and ALLOW faith in the Universe/Higher Power to have it/manifest NOW.

    • It is only difficult if you believe it to be difficult Lalitha. You are dead on when you say it takes effort to work that mental muscle, but the more you do it, and take time completely out of the process, the more free you will become. Let go and take steps toward your desire goal. I appreciate the post.

  3. David, I love the topic of this new series! I’ve found it challenging to take the time factor out of my goal setting. I understand that if I just make a decision regarding what I desire, and then take the steps to achieve that, it will show up sooner than if I incorporated a time frame into the goal. The key here is that I control my actions and the Universe controls when I realize my desires. I can see where detachment is of the utmost importance here, as it is in all things. Just Believe and Have Faith! 🙂

    • If it was easy Julie we’d all have a private island with multiple heli-pads and dozens of servants at our beckon call. You do control your actions, and every single one of your thoughts. (both positive and negative) Let go of the time piece and take one step closer to what it is that you truly desire in your life. From there, committed action is required to bring it into manifestation. It’s the hustle factor, because just thinking it alone will not get the job done. BTW, can you tell I am working towards having a private island? Appreciate the post.

    • You are welcome Adrienne. Inspiration is the byproduct of working with those who inspire me. I appreciate your comment and wish you continued success moving forward.

  4. David, thank you so much for this insight. This morning I was on a skype call with a friend from Italy (i love skype) I asked her to share an article or a video about ” creating a signature systems” because I wish to do that for an idea I have. Her answer was; trust yourself and build your signature system following the flow of your heart. That’s kind of what you are saying here as well…Love it!

  5. David, I embrace your approach completely–even tho I dont understand all of it, even tho I dont agree with some of it. I study and exercise your assertions daily even tho it feels strange and contradicts most of my previous life assumptions and conclusions.
    I say the prayer “I must have decided… and I always feel I dont yet get it completely. Thats ok because I dont require I agree or understand with all of you to accept you as a better package than the one I have lived.

    I can accept that I manifest and time is not part of the equation. So i wont attach myself to a scheduled outcome. But when someone heals from stage 4 cancer, or you get the only plane that takes off from Chicago, arent you calling it “your power of belief and decision” because it happened at the time you wanted? It would be a miracle just as much if you didnt get the plane, no? Because you manifested it. Are you recommending I say:”My goal is to overcome this cancer. Whenever it happens will be fine.” Or: I will pay off my debt that has to be paid tomorrow. I dont know when and it doesnt matter.”

    • Do you ever get the feeling that you are overthinking some of this Nitsan? Ask yourself, what is it that you want to manifest and what steps are you taking today to bring that closer to you? When you place a time restraint on when it will arrive, you are not necessarily doing anything to bring it closer to you and may very well be setting yourself up for disappointment. Which leads to judgement and a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down.

      Only the person who heals them self from cancer knows what they did with their internal dialogue to make it their reality, and I cannot speak to that because it is not my experience. What I can speak to is that what you want is here right now, but only if you believe it and take action towards grabbing it.

  6. I love the article and the responses seeing how everyone’s perspective is is also inspiring. I recently hired a coach and am noticing all kinds of resistance to creating action. Physical and emotional. I seem to be getting little done and “time” scheduled isn’t happening. I seem to be out of the flow of life especially this week. I have created jaw pain and a bad flu … I know the key that is showing up is going back and finding out what the belief is that’s causing all this discomfort. Releasing the time thing I feel will be key for me as I flow much better without time constraints.
    Thank u for your insights and powerful perspectives.
    Light, k

  7. Dear David,

    Oh how very grateful I am for finding you. You are a true inspiration and your words have already helped gain more clarity on my true desire(s). Finally been able to make a decision and after reading this article I can only be more grateful in becoming one of your pupils.

    Thank you!


  8. Great article David! Time is such a persistent illusion! I love how you reframed the goal setting “accept that it is already achievable”. Of course if you can think it or dream it then it is doable. Love it!

    • Thank you for the post Giovanna. Time is indeed an illusion and should not factor into your steps to achieving your desire. It’s here, it’s here now, and it’s already yours. Make the decision and stay committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve it. It’s the Law!

  9. This article is so deeply inspiring. David, you are an incredible teacher and I highly respect and admire your work and profound wisdom. I look forward to following your posts and upcoming programs to learn more!