[Goal Setting Series]Article #5 ~ Commit to your Goal

Over the past couple of months, I've been teaching you how to set and manifest goals that will truly make a difference in your life and the lives of everyone you touch.

To do that, you have to inspire yourself and commit to your goal.

Create the Ideal Environment for Your Goal

Your environment was created out of your old reality, so if you don't change it to reflect where you're going, it will keep pulling you back to where you've been.

To create the ideal environment to support your goal, first make a list of the things, ideas and people in your life that are not in harmony with your goal and should be removed.

Be really honest here ~ and brave.

It can be difficult to part ways, but do you really want to be held back by people who don't support your vision? Do you want to play small for fear of what others will think? Do you really want that cat-scratched sofa?

Once you've made the list of what to remove from your life, make another list of those things that must come in to support your goal.

For instance, you may have to go to a particular seminar. Hire a coach. Sell your house. Buy a car. Fly first class. Raise your prices or rates.

Whatever it is, don't bargain with the Universe. If God is showing you what to do, just step into it.

I have client after client who can pinpoint their rapid rise to the first time they bought a first-class plane ticket. They knew it was required, so they did it, and their lives were never the same.

Commit to Your Goal

Now it's time to make a binding commitment to manifest your dream.

This is a contract, so don't do it unless you're willing to commit 100% to your goal.

100% means it will manifest. Failure is not an option. If you sincerely come from that place, you will reach your goal.

You will manifest the money, the business, the girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse. You'll manifest the health, the social life, the house, the boat.

Whatever it is that you want, it will happen.

Write your commitment in the present tense. For instance, “I commit to having a $10 million-dollar-a-year business.” Then sign and date the page.

Now, on another piece of paper or an index card, make a goal card to carry with you and read several times a day. On that page, write: “I'm so happy and grateful now that ___________,” and write in your goal.

For instance, “I'm so happy and grateful now that I have a $10 million-dollar-a-year business.”

Remember, don't include any timeframes. The Universe is handling how and when your dream manifests.

You are taking the steps I've been showing you in this series, boldly doing what must be done and making an unwavering commitment to your goal.

Do that and you will manifest like crazy.

The Universe will knock itself out to help you reach your goal.

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  1. Good reminder, I do have a cat-scratched sofa sitting in my hallway and I need to get rid of it. Time to start bringing in my new reality. Thanks for the inspirational articles. They are good motivation on the road of life.

    • Yes you do Angela. Make decision on where you want to go as opposed to where you are. The cat scratched sofa is the OLD you…time to usher in the NEW. Thanks for the post.

      • Cat-scratched armchairs are next on my list of ‘things to go’. I have been getting rid of a lot of things, old papers, clothes etc over the past while. Since releasing that old sofa though, the momentum is really beginning to pick up!

  2. I have been reluctant to open myself to your teachings, as the student was not ready. Thank you for your emails, and perspectives. The student is indeed ready now.

    I was a successful entrepreneur early on, and have had many successes, most of them real estate based. However, since the real estate and banking in this country went opposite of good for me, I have more than floundered. I have recreated myself as an independent adjsuter, and like it very much. I have been successful ath that, however I miss creating and building and the true entrepreneurial person that I am. I feel stuck in the uncomfortable position of deciding what to build from this point forward. Real estate, an independent adjusting teaching firm and engagement speaker or something even more creative… Indecision is a killer. I have a small construction company, but my ego and desire are against building that to as large a success as it could be. I need to find my true desire, and leap forward. I am on sabattical and it has not been a help, till now. Thank you David. If you want something done, ask a busy person.

    Thank you for your words of inspiration, guidance and clarity. One can never be reminded enough of how successful they are.

    Its time to commit.

    Very kind regards,


  3. Oh boy, yes – that cat-scratched sofa (and all its kin) are saying, nay YELLING:

    “Hang onto me! Y’hear? Let go of me and you’ll never have a sofa again! If you let things go, they NEVER come back. They just don’t make anything properly nowadays anyway, the whole world’s going to hell! And you’d better not send me to a landfill – or do you WANT to destroy The Entire Planet single-handedly?! Hah! Thought not.

    “You can’t afford to replace me anyway, you need to scrimp and save because something terrible is going to happen any day now, and even if you got it, a new sofa would only get ruined, because everything falls apart and lets you down. Anyway people like you don’t have good quality things, it’s too showy, my smelly ripped upholstery is good enough for YOU, who do you think you are?!”

    I was brought up with this mindset, living with the clothes and furniture to reinforce it, and for ages thought it was just The Way Things Are… so if I got a little carried away there, apologies! 🙂

    • Miss C, your rant struck a chord in me. I don’t consciously think like that, but I recognized the sentiment floating in the back of my mind. It’s definitely something for me to thimk about!

      • I enjoyed your post, Miss C. I can relate to what you’re saying. The mind comes up with plenty of stories as to why NOT to do something! My old sofa got picked up and taken out of my life last Tuesday. My house feels so much better and beautiful without it.