[Goal Setting Series]Article #7 ~ Increase Your Level of Awareness

If you've been making the most of this goal-setting series, you've used fantasy to receive your prosperous goal, indicated that you are ready and willing to manifest it, and begun to invest yourself emotionally in it.

I told you last time that in order to realize your vision, you have to shift your perception by raising your level of awareness.

When your awareness rises to the level of your goal, it shows up. It's yours.

The process I'm about to teach you is not just about achieving this one goal. It's about becoming aware that you have the ability to reach any goal.

Kick-Start Your Level of Awareness

Your first step to reaching your goal is identifying where you are. What is your current conscious level of awareness in relationship to your goal?

For instance, if you have a money goal, your current level of awareness would be the most money you, alone, have ever earned in a year. You wouldn't consider your spouse's income or bring anything else into the equation. This is about your awareness.

If your goal were to take a year-long cruise around the world, your conscious awareness would be the longest or most exotic cruise or vacation you'd ever taken.

In other words, your conscious level of awareness is the closest you've ever come to your goal.

The other part of determining where you are in relationship to your goal are your current results.

Using the money example, that would be what you are earning this year.

The most you ever made ~ your current awareness ~ and what you are earning this year ~ your current results ~ comprise where you are.

Now, imagine that you've written your goal at the top of a piece of lined paper and your current awareness and results at the bottom. Each of those lines in between represent a rise in your level of awareness toward your goal. When your awareness reaches the top, your goal manifests.

This can happen quickly or slowly. It's really up to you.

Raise Your Awareness

Raising your level of awareness is actually very easy. All you have to do is become aware of where you are, and then make a decision to go to the next level.

For instance, if your goal is $500,000, your current awareness is $100,000 and your current results are $80,000, decide to rise to $150,000.

Make a firm decision, and then expect the opportunity to show itself.

The Universe hears that you are ready and brings you the opportunity for your next step. You won't see how to reach your ultimate goal, only your next step.

This is where faith becomes very important. Your opportunity might require you to move across the country or walk away from your employment and do something different.

Many people freeze at that point. They're afraid to move forward without a guarantee, so they don't accept their gift.

They miss out on the new, bigger life that is waiting for them ~ that they are asking for, that they decided they wanted.

It doesn't have to be that way.

You can learn to thrive as you take advantage of each opportunity and increase your awareness ever closer to your goal.

I'll show you how to do that next time.

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  1. Oh also David just to let you know I now pay myself first 20% of everything I make.
    This is huge for me. I used to be afraid to do it because I thought it would take away from
    my bills and I was afraid to do it because I didn’t think I could or should. Now I don’t hesitate. Thank you for what you do.

  2. Hi David, I want a job that pays what Iam earning now, except over a 5 day period not 6. Yes I want freedom 2 days in a row would be awesome!! How do you visualise this?
    This is a small goal for most but I have been through a lot over a long time frame. To have this break through would be more than a miracle for me. It would prove to me so so much.

    • My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it. This particular series on Goal Setting is something I’m very fond of. Enjoy each article and be sure to look for more series in the future.