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This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Nicole.

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Hi David!

I have been plagued by the same challenge for several months now…not enough clients. It’s to the point where I need to start cutting back on my spending which feels constricting and based in lack. The biggest problem: I can’t figure out how to overcome this challenge and it is SO frustrating…what is going on?

Thanks so much!

Neagle Code Answer

Hi Nicole and thanks for your question.

First let’s look at what challenges in our life and business REALLY are…

1) They are necessary for growth.
2) They hold hidden lessons that you need to learn about yourself.
3) They are neither good or bad…they just “are”.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a challenge as: a stimulating task or problem.

But here’s what I want you to see:

You are experiencing this challenge because there is something that you need to learn about yourself, and the challenge keeps recurring because you are resisting learning what the challenge itself is trying to get you to see.

Each challenge we are faced with has a hidden message…a hidden lesson that we need to learn in order to become the person we need to become to fulfill our dreams.

If you find yourself with the same challenge over and over, you need to take a deep look into what you may be resisting hearing, seeing, doing or being, that’s keeping that challenge in your life.

In this instance, you may be resisting something within your sales conversation.

You may be resisting reaching out to prospects.

You may be resisting being seen..

The list could go on.

Look deep into your challenge to identify what you may be resisting and reach out for help if you still can’t identify the resistance from someone who is a qualified coach.

If you are reading this, chances are you are faced with a challenge that you are seeking to solve. Post your challenge below and I’ll do my best to explain what that challenge may be trying to tell you.

Or if you prefer to remain anonymous, simply send an email containing your challenge to [email protected] and I’ll respond.

Let’s overcome these challenges together and make miracles happen!

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  1. Hi David,
    I have worked with you (group) and a number of other coaches so far.

    I started my practice over 6 years ago and have invested a good amount of money, time and hairs being torn out and it’s not working. My work is good, but the amount of other stuff (marketing, bookkeeping etc.) is just too much for me. The only part of my practice that I like is the actual phone coaching work. I know I could learn more about those things, but still I don’t have the energy or frankly, the interest. I managed to gross $12,000 one year by working my tail off trying different things. But most of the clients came from just running across me on the web.

    Bottom line – since I’m simply not willing or able to do that stuff, does it make sense to throw away what I’ve invested and give up? I know giving up is a bad phrase in this industry, but really how long does one bang the brick wall before tossing everything?

    Of course the problem then becomes: what next? I’ve had all my eggs in this basket for 6 years. I’m a great mentor/counselor/advisor etc, but other than writing, I’ve really not acquired any saleable skills in my life. And of course it’s nearly impossible for the average writer (or even a great one) to earn a living from writing.

    My finances are code red most of the time. I don’t “worry” about them, but it’s not fun. At 65 I still have a family to support.

    I know you can’t help me specifically in a blog post, but in general do you think there is merit in knowing when to quit and accept the learning experience as it is?


  2. You asked for our challenges. Here’s mine. I teach and practice healing modalities that are complementary medicine – medical qigong, Healing Touch. I rely on word of mouth because people don’t know what I do. The name is simply a strange word to them. I get new clients/students who say they love what I do. They say they feel so much better after coming to me. A few people say “it’s not for me,” and I respect that. Here’s the problem; it’s two parts. Either they come once, tell me how great they feel then never come back or they come for a while but never tell anyone about their experience, then drop out. I feel invisible at times, even though I give demonstrations, work at health fairs, etc. I am passionate about what I do, but it’s “different.” I think some people are embarrassed to say they practice qigong or go to someone for energy balancing.

  3. My challenge has been (and continues to be) making money as an entrepreneur. I was very good at making money as an employee (accounting work). But I have been struggling with the entrepreneur thing for years! (Living off my savings which are now gone.) I have done a lot of work, and attended a lot of programs – but this challenge persists. How can I see my own blind spot?

  4. Hi David and thanks for offering your valuable advice here.
    My challenge is that no matter how dedicated I am to wanting to help people, and no matter how clear my vision for why I do what I do, and how it is for a larger reason than just for myself, why I want to earn fantastic money and how much of myself I put into my business, I do not seem to attract clients that want to pay very much and who want to go further than the first level I offer, even though they say they are thrilled with the results. I am very prepared to invest in myself with trainings, therapies etc and I have spent literally years working with my money stories (and other self limiting beliefs), using different techniques and coaches. I totally get how these things work but….!! What am I missing here?
    In some ways it seems that my clients are just not my ideal clients, but can it really be that simple?

    Thank You David, looking forward to your reply.

  5. David!
    In response to the above challenge, mine specifically is generating the money to make the first full payment to my coach to get to the mindset work I know I need!
    I created a new 6 month program and have 1 past client enrolled, however I ‘think’ my block to promoting it AND myself is the awareness of how much I will change as soon as I start with her, and I know my offerings will change, and I don’t want to over commit it myself before then!

    Thank you!

  6. Hi David! Thanks for the opportunity to check in with you and get help.

    I’m getting closer my dream of dancing professionally, but in terms of revenue generation, I’ve slid back to my “pre-Neagle” level. It’s partly because I’ve given up hands-on teaching and private coaching ($3-6K programs) which I could hardly stand doing anymore, in favor of selling my excellent home study programs ($300-600) . . . if I can create a successful sales system, I can shift my focus to dancing.

    I’ve recognized a pattern in which when I’m on a well-defined path, a good business model, toward selling my programs, I sabotage myself with procrastination as well as manifesting breakdowns like a physical injury or computer failure. It’s as if I have a strong resistance to making money. Lots of childhood programming here, but I’m ready to break through it.

  7. Hi David,
    I’ve finally figured out my block — I want to be saved/rescued. As a young child I was not saved. At odd times in my life I have had my “miracles” when I was at the bottom end of my income. When I started my business I didn’t want to hit that point, but I know that I started my business so that I would get out of myself and start talking/selling/having great conversations and building my business. But I have been STUCK STUCK STUCK — just not doing anything I need to do.

    So now I feel like I’ve identified my problem — and due to the law of polarity, if I’m looking for someone to come along and save me financially, then I must have the resources to save myself somewhere — but I’m not seeing them yet (or doing the necessary actions).

    Is there any advice you can add for me? You don’t have to save me, smile, but all advice and direction is appreciated!