How Do I Deflect Negative Energy?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

How do you deflect negative energy around you? And more specifically, how do you deflect it when it’s being directed at you?

I’m really sensitive to other people’s energy. I’m pretty good at ignoring it, but the more I grow, the more it comes at me.

Neagle Code Answer

First of all, Happy New Year to all my readers! I wish everyone reading this an incredible 2022.

As far as your question…I don’t really care for the word ‘deflect.’ Here’s why.

In order for something to bother you, you have to agree with it. Just don’t agree with it. Because the moment you agree with it, you energetically align yourself with it in some way.

Many people have negative ideas or negative energy…or they’re going through something rough. You don’t have to agree with it as part of your experience. It’s not about deflecting it. It’s about saying, “I’m not taking it in as part of my experience.”

Negative energy is always coming at you in the same amount. It’s just that now you’re more aware of it.

My question to you is—where is the negative energy coming from? If it’s coming from your inner circle, that’s definitely something you can do something about. If it’s life in general—if it’s the energy in the universe, or what’s going on in the world right now—then I completely understand.

You can’t control a lot of that.

I’m very empathic. With everything that’s going on in the world, if I open myself up too much, it affects me terribly. That’s not a good thing. But I’ve really trained myself to look at everything as an opportunity for me and the people I work with. I try not to judge it, but to look at it from a perspective of, “How does this fit into my personal mission in life?”

I look at it from the perspective of, “This is a period of growth and transition for humanity. From a positive aspect, what is my role supposed to be in this area?”

But if the negative energy is coming from your inner circle, that’s something completely different.

You have to do something about that.

If it’s a toxic relationship, you either have to end the relationship, or create a boundary. But there’s a rule with boundaries. You can’t create a boundary with someone who won’t respect it. Because if they won’t respect it—then what the hell is the use of setting the boundary?

In that case, you have to end the relationship, because you can’t afford to have that kind of toxicity affecting your life.

Everybody can have a bad moment, and you can agree on what needs to happen to change that or to have a healthy relationship. But when somebody isn’t willing to participate in that growth, then you have to take control. You have to say, “I can't have this in my life. I won’t do it.”

Unless it’s a child, the idea is that if it doesn’t change, you’ve got to leave or have that person leave.

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