How to Step from Failure into Extraordinary Success

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Hi David!

I’m not getting any younger. I have things I want to create and people I want to impact. How do I turn my past financial failures into financial success very quickly?

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Fantastic question!

Failure is simply a judgment placed on a result.

The real problem lies with how we THINK and FEEL about failure.

If you fail and attach emotional meaning to that failure, it will trigger a core belief about yourself.

You may even say things to yourself like:

“I’m not smart enough, I’m never going to succeed, I can’t believe this isn’t working, what’s wrong with me?”

“My parents were right…”

Or even

“I don’t even know why I bother…”

This is how the downward spiral starts.

The truth is that failure is nothing more than a result.

And the purpose of that result is for our own learning.

Ask yourself:

What don’t I understand about this?

Who do I need to be to get a different result?

The most successful people in the world have experienced more failure than success.

I’ll be teaching more in-depth on this topic in my new podcast series, The Art of Success Business School. To access these free trainings, simply click here:

After all, your own success lies in the ability to respond to results… to course correct and take risks in order to get different results without attaching emotions.

Just Believe,®
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  1. Dear David. I have written a business -plan. It involves the spiritual principles and taking t into the business world working with entrepeneurs. How do I start the business without substanial capital? My goal is to create a business on line and travel the world. Changing peoples mindset.

    • We all had to start somewhere Gail, and it appears you are at the very beginning. Not knowing enough about your finances though this is a difficult question to answer. I can tell you this, the money is already here you just aren’t seeing it. Don’t let ‘substantial capital’ be the reason why you don’t push forward. You must first make the decision, take committed action, and the money will show up. It always has and always will. It’s more than just putting a business plan in place; it means getting on the phone and selling your services to those who you can help. For everyone, it comes down to sales, and the fantastic byproduct of making those will allow you to create the life of your dreams. Not to mention, the amount of people you will help during the process. Start today and make it happen; don’t get discouraged and don’t let up.

    • You bet Beck. Self confidence is important to moving ahead in life, both personally and professionally. Keep working every day on this and the results will follow. I appreciate the post.

  2. After having some success in life, then losing it all I have yet to bounce back.

    I’ve been up to bat plenty of times since to turn it around. But after so many failures later I’ve lost a good deal of my inner beliefs that I could turn it around.

    I’m beginning to believe I just got really lucky on that first success.

    I”m currently about 1.5 months away from homeless.

    I’ve burned through all remaining capital trying to turn things around.

    I no longer have faith in my skill sets.

    I’m dealing with a ton of internal friction each day… just trying to step up to bat and try again.

    I’m in a foreign land. My only chances to turn this around will be something I pull off online.

    At this point if I could make $50 bucks a day just to keep some food & roof over my head I’d consider that a success.

    Any advice turning this around & keeping my mind right in the process?

    • FIrst of all Tj, there is no such thing as luck. You create everything in your life, both the good and the bad. Changing that line of thinking is first no question about it. Second, your sense of urgency is really high right now from what you have written here, so you have a choice to make. Will you step forward, in faith, and create the income you know you are capable of, or will you play the victim, choosing to let all your finances be drained and live on the street? The money is already here, you just need to fight like hell to bring it in. Get out there, do what you need to do to create your own reality. All it takes is a decision and committed action. Keep me posted.

  3. Thanks for eliminating any judgement from failure. AND– I can see how I am responsible for my reaction to events and my taking full responsibility for my life But I dont experience that there is no luck or randomness in events. How do you assert that there is no luck?

    • There is no judgement in failure, rather an opportunity for you to learn and grow from it Nitsan. Again, you are creating everything in your life, both the good and the bad, and the sooner you can come to understand that the better. I can tell you that luck is not a strategy and nothing in this life is random. No assertion necessary.