How to up-level your lifestyle from your current income

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Hi David, I would like to understand how to deal with (bridge, perhaps?) the two worlds of knowing what lifestyle I want to lead and actively desiring it, and also being aware of where I currently am financially. Do I go ahead and spend/give the money my desired life costs, all the while knowing the “reality” of my bank account (at least in this moment) won't necessarily support the numbers (e.g., do we be OK with overdraft fees and/or a maxed line of credit)? In other words, how do we ascend responsibly?

Thanks for all your love and wisdom, David!

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Hi Hollis and thanks for your great question.

Rule 1: Never spend without the willingness to do what’s necessary to cover what you are spending.

Sometimes spending and giving money is the catalyst to get you to become aware of opportunities around you right now that would allow you to make the money required to create the lifestyle that you want.

Rule 2: Always make financial decisions from a place of where you want to go rather than where you are right now.

If you consistently make decisions based on your “current reality”, your “current reality” will never change, because you’ll never have a need to change.

Therefore, make your decisions based on where you want to be, and then follow that decision with the commitment to do whatever is necessary to fulfill the commitment of the decision.

You see, there’s absolutely no reason for you to ever be ok with overdraft notices…the truth is, you have the ability to bring in whatever money you need to fulfill those commitments.

If you’re not bringing that money in it’s because you are resisting doing something.

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  1. I spent my money “as if”, building up up crushing credit card debt, emptying all my savings and retirement accounts, and essentially ending up broke. I knew I was resisting something, but couldn’t figure out what. So the most important part (for me) of David’s response to this question is the very last line. If the corresponding money doesn’t come in, don’t keep spending money without finding out what you are resisting and resolving it. Because if you don’t, the end of that path is far too painful.

    • Thanks for the post Kathy. There is no ‘magic pill’ that comes from simply signing up for a program or workshop; that is a common issue for many people looking for a breakthrough. What they often fail to realize is that a significant amount of work, both personally and professionally, has to take place in order for the desired changes to take root. Listen, if someone isn’t willing to put in that work and ride that sense of urgency, then that person will continue to get the same result.

  2. Great question and one I have had. The answer is awesome and supports what I know but….re-affirming to believe and be. Thanks!!

    • That’s great Keni. What are you doing today to make that happen? Continue to study, learn, and put in the time to make whatever you are looking for a reality. This comes from a clear vision and a persistence like you’ve never witnessed before. Go do it!

  3. David, this is such a great response to my question, and I thank you for it. I really love how much you care about others being wholly free. I’ve been ruminating over what I’m resisting doing to make the leap. I think today (thanks to an overdraft fee showing up in my bank account!) I see that I’ve been settling for so much less than I deserve for the outstanding services I provide. I would hire me in a heartbeat, and yet I accept whatever someone is willing to pay me rather than accepting work that pays what I decide I deserve. It’s a bit scary to take this leap, but I am no longer willing to stay stuck. So, thank you. I feel I have a somewhat steep growth curve ahead of me into this transformation, but I’m up for the challenge!

    • It was a great question Hollis, and I am glad you followed-up here. As you can see, by asking it you not only helped yourself but also those who come to this space for answers. Don’t fear the leap, embrace it. And the curve may seem steep, but it really is perception. Stay focused and do what you know needs to be done. I’d love for you to come back and keep me updated on how you are progressing. Thanks again for the post.