I can’t ask for money

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

I've lived the Law of Attraction for years now and all but one part of my life “clicks.” My bills are paid. My new desires are met. I love what I do and find that incoming jobs come to me at the perfect time. I'm so happy I could bust, except for this one thing.

I find it gut-wrenching to charge for my work. When I invoice, I rarely charge what the work was worth. I am excellent at what I do, as my clients will attest. I have good self-esteem. I just prefer to do what I love and let the Universe provide.

I'd like to step up my income and move to the next level, which will mean charging what my quality of work is worth. Can you help?

Neagle Code Answer

I love this question…

I need to tell you something, and I’m typing it with nothing but love.

You don’t have a good self-esteem.

If you did, you wouldn’t be afraid of the rejection you would have to deal with when you begin to charge what you’re worth.

Above you said that you’re excellent at what you do, and that your clients will attest to it. So tell me, if this is the case, why would you find it gut-wrenching to charge for your work?

You prefer to do what you love and let the Universe provide because you are afraid of what will need to happen for you to grow. You would need to stand in your power, be confident and not be afraid of hearing the word, “no”.

And let me tell you something, the Universe doesn’t “provide” anything. You create it. And right now you are creating just enough to get by.

You see Spirit doesn’t speak to you through fear, therefore, it’s not Spirit that’s making it gut-wrenching to charge for your services.

It’s your ego.

Your ego knows that you are afraid of rejection and judgment from others, and so it uses that belief to stop you from growing.

Charging what you’re worth means that you would need to grow into being that person, and that’s something your ego DOES NOT want you to do because it views any kind of growth as a risk.

So, what are the services you offer worth?

Pick a number.

Can you see yourself feeling good about asking for that price for what you offer?

Write it down and practice saying it out loud. Make it feel real to you.


In your next sales conversation ask for that price.

It’s the only way to push through that gut-wrenching fear.

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  1. When you said “you wouldn’t be afraid of the rejection you would have to deal with when you begin to charge what you’re worth”, it hit me that the rejection doesn’t mean you/me aren’t worth the increased amount, but rather we need to adjust ourselves mentally and energetically to be aligned with that new worth/amount. Only then will we externally experience clients who are willing to pay us what we’re worth. The rejection is just a sign that we need to internally align with the decision we make to charge more. So instead of being afraid, embrace the feedback and adjust. Thank You David!!!!

    • Thanks for the post Dominique. I’ve always believed that in order to charge a specific amount for your services you should probably have invested just as much in your own professional growth. When I hired my mentor it was at a number that stretched me, and looking back, that alone allowed me to charge what I was worth as I started my own company. Get aligned with what you want and just ask. No one has ever died from rejection.

  2. I was reading this and I realized my self esteem is on. I’ve been toying with charging $5k. It’s a 1000% there.

    And yet what’s holding me back? Your answer clarifies it. So what? They say no. They don’t like me. That doesn’t change me. The program is still amazing, I just keep going.

    Thanks for the push ..

    • Happy to push Nathalie! We press on and get better and better at the “ask” every day to the point that all worry about what others think just washes away. Keep going!

  3. David – Here is a subject that you need to address by having a free webinar about it. Why free? You know, community service, gratittude for your lifestyle and all that. I know you’ve seen this a thousand times in conversations with your tribe. And that’s the idea of God ‘providing’ for whatever, in a multitude of situations. What I’m actually talking about here is the idea that people are waiting for God to respond in some way, and not taking action as a result; and just the general idea that folks can’t differentiate between their actions providing results, and the results being provided by God. Mostly folks have lost touch with God and can’t differentiate as a result; so they’re guessing as to the source of their results, and being slowed down or temporarily stopped because of it. You need to take this post and expand upon it as a webinar (or a podcast) presentation. It would be hugely successful.

  4. I relate to the story behind the question and so appreciate the coaching as it speaks directly to my situation at times. I find if you hesitate to ask what your worth especially after you have been doing so I’ll find myself stuck with ego. Thanks David

    • You bet Frank. Avoid the trap and ask. It may be uncomfortable but it’s what your heart truly desires. And always remember, you provide a valuable service and deserve to be compensated for that value. Appreciate the post!