I stopped lying to myself …

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Helen Evans. You can find her on the web at www.stepintoyourlight.com.


So many people teach on how to make money doing what you love but it is my experience that a HUGE percentage of people out there have no idea what they love, they are directionless and constantly seeking a way forward. What is your advice to discover what you love, your true passion, the thing that inspires and excites you to be more than your current self, to be your true self?



Thanks for submitting this question, Helen.

You know, I have met very few people who truly don’t know what their passion is or what they love. If you ask anyone what lights them up, what inspires them, or what they are passionate about, you’ll usually get an answer.

The problem begins when they attempt to think about how they could possibly do what they love and make money. Many people had dreams as a child. They fantasized about dancing, painting, writing, or even of being a fireman or a championship fisherman. But somewhere over the years, they got the message that what they were dreaming about wasn’t ok. That is was nothing more than wishful thinking.

So they left their dreams and focused on more “practical” things. They shut off their dreaming.

Then they wake up one day and wonder who they really are, if this is as good as it gets, and THEN they begin to tap back into the dreaming.

I’ve asked this question many times to my students, and some common responses are, “Well, I LOVE to garden. I feel at home there. But, well, that’s just a hobby…” or “I could sit for hours and paint, but that will never pay my bills.” I see their face light up, their energy change, and yet, even though Spirit has given them this wonderful gift, they go on day to day doing things that keep them unhappy and unfulfilled.

For others, they don’t even want to verbalize what they are passionate about because it would mean opening themselves up to ridicule.

Everyone has secret thoughts… thoughts that they share with no one. For anyone who is struggling to find their passion, I suggest that you get very quiet and just listen.
Ask yourself what you’re passionate about.

Ask yourself what you would do if money didn’t matter.

Don’t censor what comes in to your head. You may even want to write a few things down, and I encourage you to do that. Tap back into your inner child and just let yourself dream…

Afterall, manifestation is nothing more than becoming aware of what already exists, and if you are thinking it, that means the way is also present.

“Just Believe”,

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  1. I think this is a great topic. What I find is many people don’t really know what the problem is, so don’t really know what the real question is. Helen is addressing people think they don’t know what they love, and David is looking beyond that to what the “real” issue is which is remembering what has always been there. I would think if we could learn to ask “what have I forgotten along the way?” and tap back into that as David suggests by going within, we wouldn’t have any trouble finding that spark that has always stayed with us…we just forgot to acknowledge it. Thanks for the reminder David!

  2. Thanks for answering this important question David. I am blessed to be doing what I love and making great money at it, as well. However, there was a time in my life when I had no clue. I did ask the question you pose and came up with a lot of hobbies, as you mentioned. The truth is, I found my passion within the breakthrough of my greaest challenges with relationships and money.

    I have found that challenges are the not-so-obvious place to look for our deepest passion and purpose in the world. Thank you for you wonderful insights, as always!!

    • You’re welcome Judy! I heard a quote once that stated we have a choice to view challenges in our life as either stepping stones or stumbling blocks. It is in those challenges that we learn what it takes to move forward in growth, without fear, and step forward in faith. That is what mostly separates those who achieve from those who do not. All it takes is a decision and the willingness to take action and do whatever it takes.

      I appreciate the post!

  3. This morning I experienced a moment of serendipity when I started reading your mailing.
    A few minutes before I had done some EFT to overcome my inability to recognize what I really am good at and love to do. You are so right, the problem starts when the concept of producing an income gets involved.
    I am thankful that particular question was asked and that you chose to comment on it.

    • Isn’t serendipity great? I have people tell me all the time that when they read these pieces of information that it was almost as if it was written specifically to them. The truth in that…it was! We create the reality Alice and you have been shown the way to what you most desire. I have to say that I love it when that happens!

      Thanks for your post and I look forward to many more!

  4. David, I have just started a 12-month course to be a Law of Attraction Coach. Luckily for me, I just ran into your website and was able to look at your free Art of Success Program. I am hooked. I am in my early 60’s and managed to lose everything a person could lose. My job which was a good career and then I invested in a business that failed. To go on, my husband of 18-years, my son to alcoholism, my home and my grandson (who is now living elsewhere, long story). I am married but realizing that it was way to quick after my divorce. But here is the thing, I am so happy inside, full of knowing that I can create my future plus the perk to this one is that I can even allow myself enjoy the journey.
    Here is my future life…………Life Coach working with mom’s and children of alcoholics, a best selling book which will be a movie (I was able to find a teacher where I live who has had a best selling book turned into a movie and I will be starting class with her in March). As you can see I have lots and lots of manifesting and not so much hard work but constant work and the will not to give up. (oh my that was not good,all I need is faith)
    I was laughing at your program when you said you can have your annual salary monthly but zero is zero.
    David, my story is one that “if I can do it anyony can do it.” There is not time for a pity party since I am creating the life that I have always wanted right here, right now but this time it will be the right way thank you for showing us the way. Donna

    • Excellent Donna! The Art of Success is a program that I am very proud of and a fantastic induction into the Life is Now experience. By the sounds of things you have endured quite a bit in a short amount of time, but have been able to maintain a positive outlook throughout. Now, you’ve listed your intentions and have a clear direction on where you see yourself, it is time to take action to make it happen.

      I would suggest looking into a product of mine called “God Works Through Faith” since it seems that you may find tremendous value as you move ahead on your path. Very transformative to say the least! Here is a link to check and see if it is something you may be interested in:


      Remember Donna, the Laws work when we have the desire and commitment to see them through entirely. Keep breaking through that Terror Barrier and know that we are always here to offer support when most needed. Here’s to a limitless future!

  5. Thank you David for the great answer. When I lose truck of that creative force/passion I always either go back to the question “What would you do if money was not an issue”, or take a break from whatever I am doing to allow room for the connection to be restored.

    Liliane Mavridara

    • Thanks for the post Liliane and your technique to keep you in flow seems to work well. I would say that the passion never truly goes away, it just gets pushed aside from time to time as the ego looks to control more of your thinking. Stopping to take stock of where you are helps to quite the mind and opens you up to a clearer level of thinking. It takes practice and patience, but once mastered the benefits are endless!

      I appreciate your support and keep posting!

      Liliane Mavridara

  6. Excellent insight Sharon! The answers are already here…we just need to ask the question. A great reminder for each of us!

    Appreciate the post!