Income Explosion Tip…

When it comes to business under pressure (like deadlines and creating income) there are two types of people.

(SIDE NOTE: Neither are right or wrong, just know which one you are)

Type 1:
The first is a person who is fueled by the pressure. They really step up to the plate and perform at a different level.

Type 2:
The second type totally freezes up and they do nothing.  They can't even seem to think because they are in overload and overwhelm.

(If you are of the second type this idea might not be for you.  But if you are of the first type – like I am – then this tip could earn you a lot of money…)

Here it is:

Go out and create a large need to increase your income!

Now don't send me hate mail because “it just didn't work for me.” If you really want to break the 7-figure mark then you must begin to create a real reason to hit that level of income.  Start by committing yourself to various things financially that would create a need for increased income.

You know what happens? You literally flip your brain onto a higher frequency.  You know the  way to create 7-figures is already here, and if you desire to earn that much you can.  In order for you to reach your goal, you need to actually flip your mind & rise to a higher frequency of thought. Then (and only then) will you begin to attract the thoughts, ideas and opportunities that will bring in the m0ney.

Now listen carefully – if you are the type of person that will NOT step up to that level of performance DO NOT go out and rack up a bunch of debt and then say, “David told me to.”  You are on your own here so use your head.  But for all you Type 1 high performers out there, I suggest you go have fun and create a bundle.

“Just Believe,”



  1. David- I get this-
    When my husband and I bought the house we currently own, it was a stretch for us. I was afraid. The sales agent for the builder told us “Oh, you’ll be fine- you grow into your house”(financially). I knew that from my experience of buying a brand new car that I considered to be a stretch when I was in my early 20’s. I wanted it, so I was determined to do whatever it took to earn the money for it. And another analogy: People will say that they will start a family when they can afford to. Well, we all find out that when a baby comes into the picture, we just make the finances work. There is no choice, we just step up.

    However, I must confess, that fear seems to be in my way at times. I remember that I can create whatever I need when I must, but sometimes a part of me gets in my way and whispers doubt into my mind. The problem is, sometimes I listen to that voice instead of the part of me who knows better.

  2. Hey David,
    I really enjoy reading your blogs- they all resonate with me on some level! I like this concept of the Type 1 personality and I can tell you that it works. Good executives in corporate America use it all the time to motivate their people.
    I want to tell you that it worked for me and my husband in just a few years and we had an abundance of money. But I want to caution people that it can also become an obsession. My husband just continued to work harder and harder and our family suffered, even to the point of divorce. He was surrounded by people who were only concerned with wealth. Many of these people do not stay true to the values that ground them in having a fulfilled and purposeful life.

    There is a fine line about flipping your perspective- we are the ultimate “consuming society” and enjoy the things in life that money can buy. But we start to identify more with outside objects than going inward and identifying with our souls.

    Live well, live now!