Intention. What does that really mean?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Hi David,

Can you explain what intention means? I’ve heard a lot of coaches talk about intention, decision and commitment, and it seems it’s used interchangeably all the time. What’s the truth behind intention, so I can be sure and use it correctly with my own clients?

Thanks a bunch!

Neagle Code Answer

Hi! Great question!

The Laws make no exceptions for intentions like most people believe.

Now, you’re correct, intention is a big word that’s being used all over the place—largely incorrectly.

A person will say, “I did the wrong thing,” “I made a mistake,” or “I didn’t get it right, but my intention was good.”

What they’re really saying is, “My want or desire was different than what I received.”

Or someone will focus hard on a particular result, calling it their “intention,” and then are baffled when they don’t get what they want.

Here’s the bottom line: If your intention is correct or healthy, you will fall correctly within the Law of Perpetual Transmutation and get the thing that you want. Every time.

If your intention is incorrect or unhealthy, you will get a result, but it won’t be what you thought you were asking for.

This is because intention comes from the heart.

If you have a wounded heart, if you’re wounded psychologically or emotionally, you’re communicating two polar opposite, so-called “intentions” at the same time.

Let me explain…

One intention is coming from the wound that has not been healed, and the other is coming from your genuine desire.

That’s a very confused message you’re sending to Spirit.

Through the Reciprocating Law of Spirit the result will match the message.

It will be confusion, chaos, playing small, a failing or disappointing business, debt, lack, and so on.

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  1. David,

    I have a repeat pattern. I start work with my subconscious mind set. get my mind body spirit in line. I start doing well the money starts flowing then in an instant its gone, or there is something with financial that stops me. I have learned to just keep going. each time larger and larger to this last time almost wiped me out. it stopped me a little bit in the fact that I had to change banks and there have be a huge set of stops and changes. The changes seem to be pointing me to be preparing me for bigger things. I feel good I’m happy, I am moving forward. I read your this weeks question on intention. When there is a wound in your heart, emotions or psychologically, how do you deal with the wounds to move forward?

    I do not want to keep reliving the money disappearing. This last time was tough. I want to overcome this and fly!
    How do I do that. I have to take care of the wounds that Im not sure what they are.
    Thank you
    Jeanette Williams

    • Who’s pattern is that Jeanette? You certainly weren’t born with it; that was learned. You need to understand that you are projecting someone else’s pattern each and every time you experience those financial setbacks. Why do you do that? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being seen? Are you afraid of what people will think, especially those closest to you? If you are true to yourself, saying that you no longer want to keep reliving the money disappearing, than you have to be willing to get to the bottom of what the wound is all about. On you know what that is. Until you address it, that pattern of lack will continue to play out in your life.