Is the Universe to Blame?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Neagle Code Question

Dear David,

I’ve heard you say that The Universe provides money based on what you need.

Well, I have a credit card balance of $7,500. Each month I intend to bring in the money to pay this off in full, but all The Universe brings me is the minimum payment!

How do I work the Laws of the Universe to be able to pay the full amount? I really want to pay it off because it’s costing me interest fees each month. I would love your guidance. Thanks!

Neagle Code Answer

Thanks for your question!

First I think it’s important to explain how the Universe provides.

You see the Universe is completely deductive in nature. This means that it cannot provide to you anything that is not impressed upon it by you.

If month after month you’re not able to pay off that credit card debt, we need to look at the Law of Cause and Effect.

This Law states that for every cause there is an effect. In simple terms this means that there is something that you’re not doing that is causing you to only be able to create the minimum due.

Really examine
your actions.

Are you doing EVERYTHING you can to bring in the money you need even if it means working late, making extra sales calls, and sacrificing time with your friends or family?

Look at where you stop.

Be honest with yourself and ask to be shown what you are resisting doing or being in order to be able to bring in the full $7500.00.

Once you see the resistance, take action immediately.

It is through accurate action that you impress your desire on The Universe so that it can provide what you desire.

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  1. Hi David,
    Is this all about giving permission to your desires, feel worthy to that desires? I have worthiness issues so i mostly tend to reduce or diminshes the things like going a weekend trip to high class hotel or a golf course. Even if i start i sabotage myself and find excuses not to go or do or be. How can i get over this tendency?
    Thank you…

    • Sorry for the delay on this Selina. The short answer to get over your tendencies of not being worthy, and the scariest answer for most people, is to no longer diminish your hearts desire and go on that trip; go to that golf course. Don’t waver, just do it! The excuses you use are perfect because that shows you where you stop. That ends today. If not, it will just be easier to stop the next time, and the time after that, and the time after that… Work that YES muscle every day and it will get easier. Keep me updated on how it goes for you. I appreciate the post.

  2. How would you know what you are resisting or being to bring in the money or anything to accomplish your goal? Sometimes working late hours, sacrificing time with family may not be the answer; I can understand making the extra sales calls, but taking the action doesn’t necessarily mean you can accomplish your goal. I know I have done that and it has affected my health. Just a thought.

    • Resistance comes in the form of where you are stopping Asha. If you are not getting what you want, you are in resistance. If you are not happy with your finances, you are in resistance. Working late hours, sacrificing time with those you love, your health being affected; those are all excuses (mostly from a place of guilt which someone in your past gave you, i.e. mother-father-surrogate)that are keeping you exactly where you are. If you don’t like being in that place, do something today to change it. No one said it would be easy all the time, and sacrifice can play a big part in it, but get clear on what you want today. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow. I appreciate the post.