Responding to: That’s a lot of moolah objection

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Jake.


Hi David,

I did your Art of Success, which was awesome :), but here's where I get stuck. I HATE asking people for the money! Over the last 30 days I've done 32 discovery sessions, and none have turned into committed clients yet, despite them all being interested and highly targeted, qualified leads.

Even when I mention the programs I have, people get all excited and then they baulk at the price. I know how to convey value as I'm a copywriter and do this very successfully for others. I know what to say, but somehow when people resist the price, even though I counter what they are saying by painting a picture of how they will be stuck in the future if they carry on as they are…it's still a ‘It's a LOT of money'.

So, my immediate reaction is to give them a program brochure, and ask them to book themselves in to my diary themselves.

I just don't want to seem pushy!
What should I do?


Fantastic question!

The true problem is that your fear of what someone is going to think of you is negatively affecting your ability to have a powerful sales conversation.

If you care more about how you are perceived than you do about helping people you won't be aware of specific questions you can ask to overcome the “It's a lot of money” objection.

If you weren't afraid of being pushy, you would have responded to “It's a lot of money.” with “Compared to what?” instead of backing off and handing out your brochure.

You see, “It's a lot of money.” is a conditioned response people use when faced with a decision that leads to their own growth. So you then have to ask them another question to see what the true objection is.

If you were to ask, “Compared to what?” you would be able to see how they are making their decision and allow you to redirect the conversation.

Step into being powerful and confident in your next sales conversation, and you will be amazed at the win-win conversation that will take place.

Always remember, sales is not doing something TO someone, it's doing something FOR someone.

“Just Believe”,®

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    • Thanks Simone. It’s all about the confidence you bring to your sales conversations and not buying into whatever story you may hear. Call them on their b.s. and provide the services you know they need.

  1. HI David, I have also finished the Art of Success II course and actually finally mastered the asking after years of the worry what people would think and got a new client. I want to fill my coaching business and love connecting with people in the enrollment conversations, but I feel that I have run out of prospects. I know exactly who I serve etc so why do I feel so stuck? Why do I let myself not have any more prospects or what can I do to get going? Thank you so much.

    • You feel stuck because you are buying into your own story that there are a lack of prospects. The fact is that there are over 7 billion people in this world, and more than 313 million living in the US alone. You cannot believe that there are no prospects; because they numbers show otherwise. The question you have to ask yourself is why are you stopping? It is serving you in some way. Start there and see what comes up Tracy.

  2. The fact that this person is a copywriter and found a way to weave Art of Success into the question shows that this person is clearly talented and has an ear for his/her business. I know what David’s talking about when he speaks of fear of rejection. Once you take that plunge and say to yourself, “I know what I sell is worth the price and I won’t fear saying so,” or something like that, the miracle occurs. You tell the prospect, “Compared to what?” or “I can’t do this job well without being paid to do it well” or “That is the price,” period. And some people will walk away, but others will buy, and they’ll buy because they needed you to confirm to them that you believe enough in your product and in yourself, its creator, to charge what you charge. You can do it! Do it!

    • Thanks Eric. They surely are looking for answers and you give that to them straight. If you want to change someones life you have to be in control of the conversation. You believe what you have can help this person, then demonstrate that when you are on the phone or in the meeting. The bigger issue might be that you don’t believe in what you offer. That is a whole different conversation. I appreciate you posting on this.

  3. If you care more about how you are perceived than you do about helping people — these are the key words for me! Thanks, David, for reiterating what you showed me on Wednesday evening.