I stepped forward & the bomb went off!

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Donna Romero.  You can find her on the web at www.fortodaystimes.com


David, I am really hoping you can make sense of this. Over the past 1 1/2 years I have been one of those people who worked to make everything perfect.

I was just recently able to feel really ready and move forward on the goals for my new business.

Ever since the day I chose to get going, things have just been happening. My mom passed away, my brand new laptop crashed and the guys doing the repairs, well it's an ugly story … The store is now spending over $1,000.00 to try and retrieve information I have lost.
David, I know this means something. I am absolutely not going to let this hold me back over the long run, but I just want peace back.

Help please,



Hi Donna and thanks for your question.

I've heard hundreds of similar stories and have even had my own experiences like this when I was first staring on my own journey.

What you are experiencing is the power of your ego.

Let me explain. Your ego's purpose is to keep you “safe”. It perceives any growth as a risk.

What you are experiencing is your ego trying to distract you, scare you, and convince you to stop.

Unfortunately, many people experience this chaos and think that Spirit is trying to tell them that moving forward is not a good idea.

They are dead wrong.

Spirit NEVER speaks to you through fear.

The only way to get control of the chaos is to stand up to your ego. This means that you need to move from being a victim of these circumstances to being empowered.

Yell at the top of your lungs, BRING IT ON, I AM NOT STOPPING! Take your control back.

You see, we create everything in our lives; all the good things and all the not so good things. If you allow yourself to be pulled into the emotions of the circumstances, you will create more of the same.

Shift your perspective and energy and your world will shift with you.

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. This is EXACTLY whats happening to me-for the last 4 months I have had nothing but chaos, confusion and misery. I moved 3000 miles as a single mom from my family and friends to put myself in a position to make myself do it and get away from the environment that grips me into being much less and believes thats the way. I have had nothing but hard times, chaos and confusion since. I have a crazy neighbor who has harassed and bullied me, met a new “friend” who used me and then try to intimidate me to give her money, lost my momentum and haven’t gotten a new client in a month, no income and the two friends I had here who were going to “help” me get on my feet ad get my biz going have disappeared along with the promised “opportunities”. I have been stressed and spend most of my days crying being a victim because I feel I must have made a wrong choice and I was simply crazy to take this kind of risk. This has just turned a light on for me! I had no idea my ego was so strong. I am going to yell at the top of my lungs to BRING IT ON! and get my power back. I see it so clearly. I was making plans to move back 3000 miles (for the 3rd time in my life) and go back to my old profession and old JOB because I am so torn down and tired. But this has given me a whole new outlook, and entirely fresh AHA because now that I know what it is, now that I have experienced it first hand I can’t keep but feeling excited!!! Thank you David Neagle!!!

    • Great awareness Danielle. You are in control and are not a victim in all of this because you created it. There is no safety in retreat, as it will only serve to keep you where you are. Keep me posted on your progress.

  2. Yeah.. This is such a great question and great answer. Thanks..!! When my gut level emotions are tied directly to my thoughts, I know my ego is holding court. But as you have pointed out David, All of those thoughts are illusions and I have the power to pick among the many illusions. I can select those thoughts/ illusions where my heart and my mind are in harmony, which ironically somehow calms my gut level emotions. then the power of feelings and thoughts begin to work together. It’s a great experience when I get it to work, and I’m getting better at it the more I perform it unceasingly.

    • You certainly have the power Todd, it’s just a matter of checking in with yourself in those situations and taking stock of the scenario. The more you do this in practice, the easier it becomes. It’s just like riding a bike…

  3. Oh, I REALLY want to get this … I’ve stopped so often, aware that chaos was ahead. If we create our reality, does that mean we create the chaos??? Is it possible to start the business and keep it going WITHOUT the chaos??? That’s what I’d like to create!

    In gratitude for this space of exploration and clarity.

    • Absolutely Anne Marie; you create everything in your life both good and bad. Both the bliss and the chaos. It is absolutely possible to have a business without going to that place of chaos, but you have to DECIDE that you will not allow anything to stop you. If you hit a snag, and give it energy, then you are already submitting to staying in the same place.

  4. What if… in the same way that whenever Susan Evans went forward, people would start dying around her… my own story is that whenever I go forward, people closest to me try to stop me. That would explain a lot.

    It’s easy to blame others, but what if the experiences were a reflection of my own ego? This brings a whole new perspective, and there’s something serious to heal there.


    • You have to keep going forward Etienne; if you’re not growing you are dying. Avoid the blame game and push through every situation that crops up. Your ego is powerful and wants to keep you safe since its sole focus is on survival. You have to break through it and realize what it is that needs to be healed. You know what it is…