Can I trust my own family?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Aubrey Raiford. 


Hi David,

I'm trying to repair damage with a family member. I have forgiven them and moved past the hurt, but I don't trust them. Is this negative? Is this holding me back from moving forward?


Hi Aubrey!

People must earn your trust.

It is not something that you give freely.

Whether we are talking about your family, friends, or random people in your neighborhood, to trust people blindly and implicitly is never a good decision, especially if they've shown you that they cannot be trusted.

If someone has not earned your trust, or has broken your trust in the past, you can love them for who they are, but ultimately you have to make a decision about whether or not you want to spend time with them and share your life with them.

The only way your family can hold you back is if you make decisions based on what they think, rather than what you want.

If you find yourself caring more about what someone else thinks than what you think, you are holding yourself back.

Lastly, I want you to understand that if someone has broken your trust, chances are you've done the same thing to someone else and this situation is simply a mirror for you.

Remember you attract everything in your life from a place of who you are being, and to not take responsibility for part of the situation will only keep it alive and painful.

If you can see the truth in what happened, it will set you free.

“Just Believe”,®

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  1. Hi, this is an important post. I had similar issues in the past with my father and mother-in-law, and I agree with the point about not making decisions based on what family want, rather than what you want.

    From my own experience, the concept of ‘family’ can have a lot of power over the mind. This can influence a person to live in ways that they might not choose to, if they only knew their real self and purpose. It was like that for me for a long time.

    I kept myself in the presence of certain people because I thought I was obliged to, because they were family. Ultimately, it served to teach me to stop giving my power away and to start taking personal responsibility for what was happening to me. It was very liberating to realize this.

    I now have the energy and inner direction to go towards my desires and dreams, and am growing more into who I am every day. I realize I spent too much time trying to please people and ‘fix’ the past, when I could have been focusing on my own ideas and values, and what I could be doing in, and with, my own life, not theirs.

    Regardless of outcome, I hope Aubrey is focused on creating the best life for herself, and is not feeling ‘driven’ by need or guilt in her attempts to fix the relationship between her and the family member. Sometimes it’s not worth the time and energy of trying to go back and fix something, if life is showing you it’s time to move on to something new.

    • Well said Angela. You are correct when you say that your family can have a lot of power over the mind. Once you find that they are a mirror for what is going on in your subconscious, you are able to avoid the uncomfortableness that comes with this interaction. Taking back the power is the first step, followed by committed action and the desire to do what you feel is best for your life and your business. Thanks for the post.