Are you a victim of failure?

This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous

Hi David!

My question is short and sweet. How do I turn my failures into success very quickly?

Fantastic question!

The key ingredient in turning a failure into a success is to not see “failure”.

Let me explain.

Failure is a judgment placed on a result.

The problem lies with how we FEEL about failure.

When we fail, we attach meaning to that failure and it triggers our core belief about ourselves. We say things in our mind like, “I'm not smart enough, I'm never going to succeed, I can't believe this isn't working, what's wrong with me?”

And this is how we get pulled into the emotions of our subconscious programming, and we get stuck in failure.

The truth is that failure is nothing more than a result. And the purpose of that result is our own growth.

When we do not get a result that we like, we need to look at that result through the eyes of a learner and ask ourselves questions to help us understand why we did not get the result we wants.

A couple great questions to ask are:

What don't I understand about this?

Why am I choosing to experience this?

How is this result serving me?

Who do I need to be to get a different result?

The most successful people in the world have experienced more failure than success.

The difference is in their ability to not take the failures personally and to respond to them rather than being a victim of them.

“Just Believe”,®


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  1. thanks, david. this is just what i needed to hear now. thanks for helping me re-frame my results. love your blog!

  2. Hi David,
    I definately agree that you need to know how to learn from failure and keep on going. I’d go as far to say that failure is actually needed to get where you want. As much as we would like to avoid it, we are going to fail alot, the difference is how we handle it.


    • Thanks for the post Ben. You learn much from your mistakes or failures, and in that learning you begin to move toward the successes you desire. The key is to keep moving forward.

  3. I love the quote from Winston Churchill,
    “Success is going from failure to failure WITHOUT A LOSS OF ENTHUSIASM!”

    • You certainly have to view it as part of the growth process John, and not judge it at all. I have failed along the way, we all have, but it’s getting back up and staying committed that makes the difference. Thanks for the quote, Churchill had it right for sure.

  4. Great post, David. I always try to remember all that I’m learning and changing when I’m in the throes of “failure.” And, ultimately, how much better success will feel when I do achieve it.

    • You are Jan, and in that learning you are stretching into who you want to be. Just shifting your thinking to that of finding the gift in those situations is a step in the right direction. Thanks for the post.