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This week's question from my portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life” comes from Paras.

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Hi David,


Wattles tells us: “Use your present job or business to go to the one you like … act on your present environment to go to a better one.” But suppose a man is completely unemployed? What does he do? And, due to lack of money, if he's forced to live in a tiny, ramshackle room in a squalid neighborhood full of failures and derelicts who blame destiny, Saturn, fate line, etc, for their misfortunes, how does he act on it to get to a better environment

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Hi Paras and thanks for your question!


What Wattles, writes is absolutely true. He's really referring to being your best in ANY situation, which then leads to an awareness of how your situation can change.

I think the main thing I am picking up from your question, is that somewhere “he” is looking at “his” current situation as a victim looks at a situation.

The truth is, no one is forced to do anything, and the “he” you are speaking of is the cause of creating the situation to begin with.

If a person feels they are forced to live in horrible conditions due to lack of money, it means that they are being a victim of their own life.

Spirit doesn't give one person unlimited potential and then cap the potential of the guy sitting next to him.

When Wattles teaches to act on the present environment, he is teaching that we need to change who WE are or how WE are thinking so that we can see that we have a different choice that will lead us up and out.

A victim will only see what keeps him being a victim.

Instead of being a victim, one needs to be empowered. Instead of focusing on the negative, we must ask ourselves different questions.

Instead of feeling forced to live in substandard conditions, one must seek out the way to bring in the money, even if it's to begin in a minimum wage job.

Each step and decision will lead to a new and better opportunity only if the person truly wants to change.

Just Believe,®

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  1. Great question and response.
    We have all heard of/know people who “enable” others in their lives to continue destructive behavior. I think the question/response above is enlightening to the extent of helping us see ourselves in a new light. Many times it is “we” who enable our own dysfunctional behavior. We ARE the enabler. To overcome that we need to recognize the things in our own lives that allow us to “enable” our dysfunctional behavior and learn to quit being the co-dependent of our own life.
    In the end, I believe we are where we are in life as a result of “our choices.” That being said, it is incredibly hard to take that responsibility for ourselves. We have an innate ability to justify/excuse/blame pretty much anyone or anything for our circumstances. When we do finally step up and accept responsibility for our choices, we cease to be the victim and can then begin to mentally and spiritually re-take the high ground. The control of our life now becomes ours again and we stop the blame game and the negative self talk that does nothing to improve our situation.
    I believe in “God” not some esoteric “spirit” but none-the-less, I do believe that God has given each of us unique gifts, personalities, skills and unlimited potential. There is not a soul on the planet that was born or will ever be born but that the hand of God was there in their beginning.
    Each of us regardless of our humble beginnings (being born helpless and naked is humble) is a gifted person with certain potential. However, it is “Me and me alone” who can decide to take action and walk an enlightened path. The beauty of it all is with each step in that new direction, I then begin to change my present, and more importantly, I secure my future.

    • Thanks for the post Stephen. You are right on when you say we are where we are based on our choices. When we accept personal responsibility for the creation of everything in our life, both the good and the bad, it creates a huge shift. We all are here for a reason, it’s just a matter of being in a position where you are truly living your hearts desire. Some people will choose to go their whole lives without entertaining a change because they view their current position as a place of stability. For me, through constant study and taking risks, I will continue to grow myself and hopefully help inspire others do the same.