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Hi David,

I've heard you teach that building a business doesn't need to be hard, but with all the chaos around me, the sales objections, and difficulties in hiring a team, it sure DOES feel hard. David, please help me find peace in this craziness!

Thank you!

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Hi and thanks for the question. 

Here is the truth:

Peace is a choice.

I think it's very safe to say that every entrepreneur on the edge of an up-level or big growth opportunity has experienced what you described above.

The interesting thing here is that YOU are actually creating the chaos.

Let me be more specific. Your EGO is creating all the chaos, and it's serving a particular purpose.

All of these events are designed to place fear, worry and doubt in your mind, so that you go back.

But here's the great thing about the chaos. If you're creating it, you can stop it.

The great thing about being human is that you have the gift of choice. You can choose how you respond to these situations, and it's in that choice that you have the power to escalate or de-escalate them.

You can choose not be emotionally attached to the chaos around you and even in the midst of stress, you can remain peaceful.

If you're choosing to make things hard, take a look at your value system. Chances are that value system dictates success must be hard.

Remember, everything just “is”.  It's your reaction and judgment that makes things hard.

Make a decision that it's easy to grow your business, and then when a negative result shows up, see it for what it really is and don't get emotionally tied to it.

Instead ask: “What do I need to see about this situation so that I can make a different choice and experience a different result?”

If you can do that, you'll be well on your way to building a more peaceful business.

Just Believe,®
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  1. Thank you so very much for giving so openly and genuinely from your heart. It is a pleasure to know more and more people are approaching life and business the way you are, as I would like to.

    • Appreciate that Maureen. I absolutely approach my life and business the same way, continually doing my best, always learning, and making sure to help all those who are looking for it. I love it!

  2. Dear David,

    Thank you for coming into my life at the right time.
    When I get lost in the dark you always turn the light on with truth.
    You are my Mentor, Angel and Superhero.
    Thank you for being in the world.

    • The best thing Beau is now that you know the light is always there you can move forward in faith and do whatever it takes to succeed. Happy to be here, and looking forward to hearing more breakthroughs.

  3. I appreciate your advice, David. You are awesome! The best thing about the perspective of peace is that it can be applied to any area of a person’s life, whether it’s in their work situation, home life or personal relationships. Create the stillness and peace on the inside and it is everywhere on the outside. The timing of this post is pretty cool, too. I just finishing reading a chapter called ‘A Peaceful Mind Generates Power’ by Norman Vincent Peale in his book ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’. Thanks to Michael for asking such a great question.

    • Thanks Angela. It certainly applies to all aspects of our lives and helps keep us in balance as we go through it. Some of my best ideas come when I am quiet and delving into the works of the amazing authors from the present and the past. I am always learning, because from that comes even more growth and a bigger opportunity to help others. I appreciate the post.

  4. Thank you David. I needed to hear this today. I have heard you say many times that we need to ask ourselves why we are choosing to have this experience. Finding out an experience serves my EGO is extremely important to me right now. Thank you for that insight.


    • You’re welcome Rebecca. It’s a question I ask all of those I work with to keep top of mind when any unpleasant situation arises. Definitely helps to keep you present and understand it for what it truly is.