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Hi David,

I really want to start joint venturing with other successful entrepreneurs. But, my list is pretty small, so I don't know how to approach a business owner with a much bigger list. What do you recommend?


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Hi and thanks for your question.

This is a much larger discussion than I can answer here, but I'm happy to share with you just a couple dos and don'ts.

First, you want to make sure that you've done your research. Before contacting a potential partner, learn everything you can about what they are working on and what message they are interested in expanding in the world right now.

Approach your desired potential partner with the intention of learning how you can best help them to expand their message, and then formulate a plan to do so. (One example would be to host them on an interview teleconference that you'll promote to your list & on social media.)

Once you're in contact with the partner, offer to do all the heavy lifting, including:

  • Setting up the conference line
  • Writing all applicable copy
  • Sending reminders of dial-in details
  • Writing the interview questions (to be submitted in advance for their approval)

DO NOT ask for an affiliate commission on this first interview. You're doing this to help the larger list expand their message, and you'll benefit from new opt-ins to your own list.

Once you have a minimum of 150 registered attendees for your upcoming interview (and preferably closer to 500), and once you are about 10 days out from the call date, your next step is to ask your interviewee to let their OWN list know that you are interviewing them LIVE.

Don't be disappointed if they decline to make the announcement.

Always remember that one good deed creates another, and in helping your JV partner maximize their message, the Universe will find a way to help you maximize yours.

Just Believe,®
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  1. Hi David

    I am interested in starting a personal concierge business however, I don’t really know anyone in the area. I have one client and would love to expand, What do you recommend my next step be. I have attended some networking events with no luck so far. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    • Thanks for the post Toni. My suggestion is to get yourself out there and personally connect with anyone in your area that would be a boost to your business. Ask yourself: Who is my target market? Who is my ideal client? These are but two questions you should start with to build that avatar of the type of person you want to work with. From there, get out and start spreading the word of your services. Make a plan to talk to a minimum of 10 people a day, and offer them your packages. You will hear no, but be persistent with the next one. Be the expert they are looking for. All it takes is the committed action once you have made the decision this is what you want to do. Keep me posted.