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Hi David,

My sales conversations are killing me. They can sometimes run 90 minutes and then I don’t even end up enrolling them. Can you give me some suggestions on how to shorter these conversations please?

Thank You!

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I would love to answer this question.

One of the main reasons you may be experiencing exasperating sales conversations is because you may not be in control of the conversation. Here are a few quick tips to set the call up from the beginning.

Don’t: Begin the conversation without the small talk or pleasantries. There’s no need for it.

Do: Begin by stating the purpose of the call and the length of time you have allotted for it.

Example: Hi John! It’s great to connect with you. The purpose of the call today is to help you get clear on what your current problem really is so that you can make a decision based on facts about what you can do to solve that problem. We’ve got about 20 minutes, so I’m just going to jump in. Is that ok with you?

Don’t: Be afraid of redirecting or interrupting.

Do: Ask them permission from the start to interrupt them if necessary.

Example: John, we have such a limited time that I’m going to ask your permission to interrupt you or redirect you if I feel we’re getting off track. Are you ok with that?

Don’t: Allow someone to ignore a question you asked.

Do: Point out that they’ve deflected a question and you’d like them return to it.

Example: That’s great John, and I can see that this is a point of growth for you because you just deflected my original question. Can we go back to the question I asked for a moment? Why do you want that goal for yourself?

Give these 3 strategies a try on your next call and see how much more effective you will be.

The difference will be a benefit to you both.

Just Believe,®
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  1. Thanks David!! Those three little scripts are GOLD!! I’ll definitely be using them to get my calls started more quickly and to keep them on track.


  2. AMAZING suggestions, David! I have been using your suggestions for controlling conversations, and it is incredibly valuable for the potential client, as well as efficient for both me and them! Thank you so much for helping me and so many others connect more quickly with those people we are here to help!

    • Great to see you again these past few weeks Debbie! You are very welcome and I am glad that your sales conversations are tightening up. Congrats on making those connections and growing with each and every call. I appreciate the post here.

  3. David, once again your advice is stellar! I want my coaching calls crisp and direct. Admittedly, it has been a challenge with some people keeping them on track and not appear rude by interrupting them has been troublesome. Now I’m going to use these three key scripts to keep us all on track! Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the post Elizabeth. You can reign in the conversation without being rude, but you have to make sure you stay in control the entire time. If you allow the individual your speaking with to fall into their story, and you are not willing to interrupt them to get them back on track, you have lost the opportunity to help them. Use the scripts and tell me how they go for you.