What do I do about persistent refunds?

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Hi David,

I need sales help. Actually I am doing well at making sales, but I’m not doing so well at KEEPING the sale. It seems like every time I make a sale, a couple days later I get an email telling me that they changed their mind, and they want a refund.

What am I doing wrong?


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Great question.

If you’re getting people who are changing their mind after an initial sale, it means that you may be missing a key component in your sales conversation.

One of the most overlooked parts of a sales conversation actually happens AFTER the sale has been made.

Let me explain.

Once the sale has been made and you have received a deposit, it is crucial for you to continue the conversation by telling them what to expect.


“You know, you’ve just made a big decision to invest in yourself and grow. And we know that anytime your ego feels threatened you will create circumstances in your life to get you to change your mind or to stop moving forward. So let me ask you something. What’s going to cause you to change your mind?”

This accomplishes two things. It lets them know what to expect so if they start to create chaos, they can quickly identify it for what it really is. And second, if they decide to change their mind, you can resell them using their own words.


“When we spoke a couple of days ago, you said that overwhelm can derail you. Now you’re telling me that you are overwhelmed and can’t move forward. Isn’t this interesting? Your ego is paying a mind trick on you, so let’s go back to the truth…. (and then you re-engage them in the resale conversation).

If you end your conversations using this technique, you’ll find that your new clients will feel well informed and will be more likely to stick with their initial commitment.

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  1. Some stick strategies can work to hold that sale:

    1. Sending a “Thank You” postcard.
    2. Quick “Getting Started” guide.
    3. Email with a “You have Made a Great Decision”
    4. Email with testimonials of happy clients.
    5. A surprise high valued bonus like an audio, report or personal video.

    Anything that makes the client feel special and with the right “I Made a Great Investment” mindset.

    Diana Fontanez

    • It definitely offers up that personal touch that individuals are looking for Diana. Maintaining the connection post-sale allows the conversation to continue and helps ease the potential for a subconscious ass kicking to take place. A persons ego can go crazy once the ‘decision’ is made; this helps in keeping that where it belongs, solely on the truth. Thanks for sharing your list of strategies here.

  2. Hi David,
    I have a list of about 162 people. Building it seems slow, but that isn’t my concern right now. My concern is, that quite a few people from that list ask me for courses and say they want to work with me. When it comes down to it, and I launch something according to their request, they don’t buy. I know what they say about selling them what they want and giving them what they need, but this IS actually giving them what they want. I have come in the situation where I feel I have to go back to some corp job I hate. What can I do about this?

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks for the question Jamie. The only thing you can do is create strategies that actually get you on the phone and into a conversation with the people on your list. Right now, salespages are not converting over a certain price point, and the ONE thing that IS working is personal conversations and touches.

  3. Hi David,
    I’m curious. When you say salespages are not converting over a certain price point, what is that price point?
    Thank You

    • From what we are seeing with our marketing via pages Renee, is that there are certain ‘sweet-spots’ our company has to have. If not, we notice a drop off in conversions. It may be different in your market or niche, but we know our number in specific program/product situations and stick to it. That being said, the close comes in the conversation.