Can I invoice my friends at full rate?

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Hi David,

I'm so use to over servicing clients or giving my ideas away for free that it's ingrained subconsciously. My friends have no problem charging me for their services, how do I reverse my subconscious mindset of low fees, freebies in myself and that of my friends to charge what I am actually worth?


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Great question.

Charging what you’re worth is simply a decision.

And the truth is, if you don’t find enough value in what you have to offer to charge for it, others won’t see the value either.

So you need to make the decision that no matter what, you will not give your advice, services or insight away for free.

If someone asks you for help, even if they are a friend, say to them, “I’d love to help. Let’s set up a time to talk about your goals and aspirations so that I can clearly recommend next steps for you.”

On that call, clearly re-state the purpose of the call, make sure you take control by asking questions, and make recommendations of which program or service will get them to their goals the quickest.

From now on, you will set your prices based on your financial goals rather than your emotions. And you will never make an offer to someone that is not in line with your financial goals.

You have to hold yourself to these agreements even if you feel it threatens your relationship with friends or clients.

By doing this you will begin to see that people WILL pay you what you believe you are worth.

You’re not reversing a subconscious pattern; you’re creating a new one.

Just Believe,®
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  1. I have been working with this principle and find that once I truly believed it in myself than the customers came along with the belief. Keep working with the new!

  2. As an Empowerment Specialist helping my clients to increase their confidence and success in their personal and professional lives, this question comes up a lot – especially with my coaches & creative artist clients! I dealt with this myself for years and didn’t know what to do because I saw my friends giving away their services to their friends or doing massive discounts, so I thought this was how to handle the “friend deal”. I started following David’s teachings about 2 years ago and it really helped my practice! I love David’s guidance here and I emailed the link to this page to my clients with whom I am currently helping to increase their paychecks. The steps are clearly explained and though firm in resolve, the message is still loving.

    • Thanks for the post Jaime. I hope that it helps those you shared it with to see that discounting and providing freebies to your friends only enables them to stay where they are. Not only that, but you will continue to attract those types of clients into your life, making it even more difficult to break that cycle moving forward. Keep me posted.

  3. Thank You David! Yes!!! I am getting ready to relaunch an energy healing and coaching practice. I received a very disturbing email from a “close friend”, who voiced extreme criticism about what my rates were, are presently, and where I see raising them to once full programs are introduced to my clients. I was stunned. Her words were coming from fear, economic concerns, what others are charging, and the fact so many people want to work with healers and coaches, but they are also stuck in fear and lack. She basically suggested I give my services away for free and offer a sliding scale. First, I am abundant on so many levels, while the finances have continued to elude me. I think her email and your clarifying comments have just provided the clarity I was deeply longing for about how to proceed. In deepest gratitude, Moriya

    • Charge what you are worth Moriya, regardless of what others around you may say. You set the rate, no one else. You are worth it. Thank you for sharing your story here and congratulations on beginning to move through it.

  4. HI David – I am new to your teachings having first heard you on Gina DeVee’s radio show a few weeks ago. I have already learned so much and have changed many of my “notions” about money and business. This one in particular really speaks to me. I have been giving away advice on everything from design, to decorating, to Feng Shui, to image consulting. You name it, and I have probably given away hundreds of thousands of dollars over the many years. Thank you so much for exactly what I needed to hear!

    • My pleasure Carol. Time to stop giving away your services and realizing that you are worth every bit of it. Thanks for the post.

  5. This sentence is simple yet powerful. “Charging what you’re worth is simply a decision.” Thank you for this post David. Consistently setting a rate and asking for it has been an ongoing challenge for me. I am currently working to overcome this and choose to shift my thinking. I enjoy volunteer work. However, I discovered that I must be careful not to volunteer my business away. Choosing to give myself away cost me on so many levels; spiritually, emotionally and physically. They led to financial binds that required me to go back to corporate and watch parts of my soul fade to black. The last time I literally become physically ill and was unable to work at all. I refuse to let that happen again. I know that I was blessed with a tremendous gift. When I position myself to be under-served, I am not fully serving my clients. My clients and I are worthy of a quality life.