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Hi David,

I've been in PR & Marketing which is really sales and have come to loathe this profession. How do I turn around the experience of loathing sales to loving it?


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Thank you for the great question!

Hating sales… I hear this a lot when I am coaching or teaching on the topic. People will tell me all the things they love to do in their business and say they hate sales.

You are correct that no matter what your product or service, you are in the business of sales. Sales is the only thing that causes money to move, and it must be happening everyday in your business.

In order to love sales you must understand what sales is and the sales process itself and then integrate these into your business.

Earlier in my career I struggled with the idea of sales for a long time even though I was good at it. In my mind I needed to justify that sales was ethically moral. I did a lot of studying, but I was stuck. I even remember thinking that if I didn’t figure this out I would have to give up my business and go back to work. What was interesting to me is that if I went back to work, I would be going to work for a company that sells stuff.

My mentor said to me something that I have kept with me.

Sales is something you do for someone, not something you do to someone.

When you come from a place of doing something FOR someone instead of TO someone, the whole energy around it shifts. Now it doesn’t feel like a necessary evil that you have to do to someone to make money but actually something you are doing for someone.

Start by saying before every sales call “How can I help this person?”

Can you feel the difference?

Is helping someone something you loathe or something you love to do?

The sales process is a communication process between two people. In this conversation it is your job to bring order to their confused mind to empower them to make a new choice.

Again, it all comes back to, “How can I help this person?”

I have actually developed a program that will support you in changing how you feel about sales.

In my Compassionate Conversion Flow Chart I give you step-by-step instructions to help get someone all the way through this process by asking questions that get them to a place of clarity, so they can make a decision based on what they really want.

If you begin to come from a place of sales being something you do for someone and if you follow the Compassionate Conversion Flow Chart, you that you will be well on your way to loving sales.

Just Believe,®
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  1. Hi Team Neagle, I’m not in sales and I still felt the difference. I could see utilizing this for personal day to day transactions.Thanks for this incredible information.

  2. Hi David,

    I work with clients from the perspective of how can we help you and what is your key need. How do you respond to a client who says, “just tell me what you can do in an hour and I don’t want a list of everything,” but won’t share their need. I almost wonder why this client would even be willing to spend money on something that is not connected to creating value for them. I can provide information on a number of areas but without addressing a need it’s difficult to create focus.

  3. Hey David,
    I completely agree with you and the position that sales need to happen, and they need to happen often.
    However, my mentor, who makes a great deal of money in the field in which I want to excel, is stressing the importance of creating a great video, and building a certain amount of branding first, before I even pick up the phone.

    The field revolves around giving corporate speeches, so first impressions count, hence this extra action,

    How do I reconcile this clash of ideas?

  4. A quick note to PB- look, if a client is like that I recommend Values Based Selling- it is out of print but you can buy second hand copies on Amazon. Clearly I am not in any way tied to that book. But the question you ask a client in that method is, “What’s Important About Money To You?” If they say, “It let’s me do what I want” then ask “What’s Important to you about doing what you want?” “I don’t want to be controlled by anybody” So then ask, “So what’s imprtoant about not being controlled by anybody?” Then repeat that pattern until you have them close to a core, heart felt, personal value. Then close by asking, “So if I could show you a way to (be free, in this example), would you be interested in working with me?” at voila

    To Daniel: take your mentor’s advice- you can do a couple videos and establish a reputation in less than 90 days. Do it. You’ll command higher prices. (David’s advice in Blind Spot Breakthrough is to identify what you are resisting and do it, get to the other side of it- that’s the barrer to your breakthrough)

    David, loving your work, following along. A note: I approached my boss for a promotion and though he said I was qualified, he had an objection. I addressed that objection with facts and figures and he LOST it. He coldly told me I was cold, aloof, must have some personal problem and to seek counselling. Which is just what I needed to hear. My greatest fear has always been not fitting in or being accepted and he slammed me like a ton of bricks and you know what? It didn’t destroy me. His attack was very personal in response to a reasoned and reasonable, polite, friendly request- I don’t know why he wanted to intimidate me, we’ve always been friendly in the past but I feel free now. My fear of rejection is gone. So thanks 🙂