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Dear David,

I am working with children and I am wondering how I should market this service. Should I go for the help I provide for the parents (more peace at home, being able to be proud of their child..) or should I speak about how my service helps the children (better grades, higher self esteem, less fear…)?

Your Compassionate Conversion Chart is a great tool and helps me a lot but unfortunately not with this issue 🙂


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Hello and thanks for this question!

To begin, a better question to ask is what specific problem are you going to solve?

I suggest you address the biggest problem that offers the most amount of pain and frustration to the parent.

In this case, the parent is the decision maker and has the ability to purchase your help, therefore you should be marketing and selling to the parent.

But if the parent doesn’t sense the URGENCY around resolving the problem, chances are they won’t purchase your service.

The Compassionate Conversion Flow Chart solves this by leading you to ask: What will happen if this problem doesn’t change?

In other words, if I have a problem with my tooth and don’t know how to fix it, the reason I don’t know how to fix my tooth is that there is something about it that I don’t understand. If I’m going to get it fixed, I have to go to someone who understands and has the expertise to fix it. The pain associated with my tooth ache also creates the sense of urgency to find the solution immediately.

The Compassionate Conversion Flow Chart can totally change the outcome of how you conduct sales. By identifying the specific problem you solve for the child and parent, you can leverage the questions in the chart to guide them through the series of strategic questions that bring order and clarity in their mind to help them understand what they really need; which then empowers them to make a decision.

By helping your clients SEE the problem YOU UNIQUELY SOLVE and then tapping into a sense of urgency for them to make a change, you get the privilege of helping them with the solution; which is ultimately what sales is all about!

Just Believe,®
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