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David, I am really struggling to find some kind of balance between business and personal. I’m building my business and my boyfriend keeps telling me that I’m working too hard. He’s constantly asking me to quit working and pay attention to him.

I’m really torn between doing everything I can to build a successful business and doing everything to build a successful relationship. Is there a balance, and if there is, how can I find it?


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Thank you for asking this important question. Finding balance can often feel like a high-wire act! Personal relationships can impact your business and vice versa, especially if a relationship is not founded on complimentary or mutually shared values.

It sounds like you and your boyfriend don’t value the same things. This in turn can create a conflict rather than a balance issue.

When someone is asking you to deny your desire to grow (so they can be happy) and to choose between them or your business, ask yourself the following questions:

Why have I attracted this?

What is this here to teach me?

What are the emotions and thoughts that are coming up around this for me?

The truth is, love means total acceptance, and if your boyfriend is not totally accepting of your desires, it may be toxic.

You’re feeling out-of-balance because you are feeling torn to choose and you shouldn’t have to choose.

When you align yourself with values that show you how you can, instead of the all reasons for why you can’t, you will continue on your fast track to growth, and nothing will stop you.

Just Believe,®
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  1. Hi David,
    Thank you for your insight around this topic. I am a fairly successful business owner and work from home. Although I am married to a very supportive husband, I have three young children and constantly struggle to find balance between being a mom and a business owner. I think in this instance it is more of an internal struggle. My kids never ask me to choose between them and work, though I feel like I can never find a good balance between the two. I’ve always been a high-achiever, and feel like there is no way to be the best mom possible AND a super-successful biz owner. This constant struggle/imbalance leaves me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated – which isn’t helping anything. Any suggestions on how to find a good balance? Would the same questions you recommended Marna to ask herself apply in my situation? OR is this something that goes much deeper into changing my mindset?
    Thank you David – I admire you and your work so much!

  2. Can somewhat relate to this… I just hired my first employee and am looking to expand my business considerably. In the midst of recent chaos, I have met and grown fond of a very special girl. She’d never ask me to choose between her and work, but I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads here. I could go back to being single and double down in my work life, or I could continue to pursue a relationship with the first person to interest me in several years… I’d really like more insight as to how you juggle business ambitions and still make time for someone who really deserves it.