What if my prospect is in money fear?

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What do you do after you share a high value program with a client who really wants it but is concerned about how to make the financial investment happen? How should I respond and how many times do you recommend I follow up with them?

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Thank you for asking the question, Courtney Ann!

Even though the client says they want the program, their fear, doubt and worry is stronger than their desire for the result.

I’d recommend asking the client questions to understand exactly where their fear is coming from so that they can see why they are experiencing what they are experiencing.

It could be that their concern is more based on the reactions of others rather than on their own concerns but until you get to the root of the problem, you cannot move forward.

Then, if they really do need help finding the money, give them a homework assignment to find the money for the payment.

Have them make a list of 30 ways they could bring in the money and instruct them to email the list to you. That will show you that they are serious, and you can direct them to start tackling the items on their list until they have enough for the payment.

This way THEY are following up with you and you're not trying to track down people who are not serious about working with you.

This also empowers them to take action immediately, and allows you to make sure they are someone you’d like to work with.

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  1. This Q&A re: Prospect’s Fear of Money came at an excellent time. I have a family member who wants to become an entrepreneur after almost 20 years of being an architect. The barrier to entry involves the cost of establishing a center with very expensive 3-D computer technology, then providing instruction, use and sharing of this center by architecture professionals. If you build it, will they come????

  2. Thank you David. That was excellent advice! I will put that into practice right away and share my positive results soon! 🙂

    • My pleasure Cortney. Excited to hear some feedback about how the information was received by your clients. It really does get them thinking of what they can do NOW to get what they need. I appreciate the post.

  3. David,

    Thanks for answering this question. Our ideal client should not only have the disposable income to pay for services, but they must be willing to pursue opportunities to find or raise the money. If the potential client is struggling to pay in the beginning, they will struggle to pay for the program (if using monthly installments). This is a good way of vetting a potential client to see if they are an energetic match to your coaching. This way, you stay in your power of valuing your services without discounts or haggling.

    • Drag them in Martha and you drag them around. My company operates under that very principle because I want the help all those willing to do what it takes to achieve their goals. If that person is not willing to do that from the beginning than it’s likely they never will. Thanks for the post.