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I would love to transform my ‘habit' of the roller coaster income cycle! It goes from abundance to constriction and I'm very tired of the impact on my body. I don’t understand why it's happening or what to do about it.  David, do you have any suggestions that may help me?

Thank you in advance!

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Patty, thanks for asking this question! It is a common ‘habit’ many people experience.

A person usually remains stuck on the roller coaster when there is a lack of consistent and disciplined action taken in money generating activities.

Ask yourself: Are you taking effective action daily? If not, why not?

Be honest with yourself here.

When our minds are trying to find another way to avoid doing something, it is usually because of some unaddressed fear.

The fear of not having the money then becomes greater than the fear of what you need to do in order to bring in the money. Which is why you can be up one minute and down the next.

Over the next week keep a personal note pad or voice recorder with you at all times and begin to examine and note where your fears are causing you to stop.

When you become aware that fear is stopping you, immediately redirect your energy towards taking action again and stay on course.

It is impossible to fail if you dedicate everyday to taking effective and efficient action, only then does the ride become more enjoyable and continued success a certainty.

Just Believe,®
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