How to Turn Embezzlement into Empowerment

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comes from Frank.

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Hi David!

I had a business partner who stole money from me. How do I forgive him and move into abundance from lack? I’m still angry and this is still unresolved.

Thanks so much!

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Hi Frank!

I know how you feel.

I had this same thing happen to me several years ago.

To get through it I had to look to the truth.

And the truth is that we create everything in our life…all the good and all the bad. And we create everything for a reason.

The first step in forgiving your business partner is to take responsibility for your part in it.

Ask yourself: What did this situation have to teach me?

Find the hidden gifts and lessons that you need to see, and be grateful for them.

The second step is to let go of that money knowing that you can put your efforts into creating it again, but this time from a better, more prepared and healthy place.

If you continue to see yourself as a victim of this situation, you will continue to be unforgiving and angry.

If you can see this situation from an empowered place, everything will shift and you’ll feel the peace you’re looking for.

Just Believe,®
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  1. Thanks for this reminder this morning, David.

    The lessons in this question and answer for me weren’t just about money. For me, it was not “living the knowing”. I was wasting time and energy feeling like a victim to my own decisions. If I look at the past few years with Truth and accept responsibility for all of the false starts and stops I can clearly see that the lessons I learned were to my benefit and can move forward putting my energy into building a real business knowing that I needed those lessons in order to BE the person that I am growing into.

    Always look to the Truth!

    • You’re welcome Sylvia. And congratulations on the awareness you had around this and continue moving forward in truth. It is the only way. I appreciate the post.

  2. Dear David, and Frank,
    Frank, I appreciate you coming forward in telling about your loss of money. It’s a heart breaking thing to go through, as
    both you and David know. I’ll tell you my story with the hope that it will help you, Frank. David, I agree that taking responsibility for what each of us may contribute to events in our lives is important.
    Just about a year ago, a similar thing happened to me. I trusted someone I shouldn’t have, and gave him money, which I shouldn’t have done. At first, I felt like the life had been sucked out of me, but I realized that I had made the wrong choice, and took responsibility for that.
    Two thoughts entered my mind:
    1. Even though I was a vicitm of fraud, I was not going to let myself remain a victim.
    2.. My next thought was, What can I do?
    I sought information from my investment company, federal agencies to see how to respond, and find out if I could get my money back. Unfortunately, I sent it to a foreign bank, which isnt regulated the same way US banks are. The info I gave a fraud investigator about the name, contact info of the person who stole it didn’t turn up any fraudulent connections.Unfortunately, I won’t get my money back directly from where I sent it. I knew I had to make it up myself.
    I then changed all my financial account information for security, and reported this incident to the police.
    I felt a little better, but it’s been difficult to talk about. I’ve told very few people In part because I feel disappointed with myself for getting drawn into a scam. But, I’ve pressed on.
    I got out of the house more, talked with people to make professional connections seek out opportunities. I’ve tried to just keep showing up, do what I do- I’m a musician. I’ve written a lot of my thoughts down in a journal to try to put any scary thoughts or fears into perspective.
    My efforts have paid off. As I write this, I have a new job teaching piano and accompanying choirs at a wonderful private school. I played as a staff pianist for an international music festival over the summer. I’ve just received a contact from a concert management company this week. They’d like to talk with me about possible performing opportunities. I also re- financed my mortgage which has helped.
    I’m working at trying to keep my faith in God strong, knowing that I couldn’t have done any of this without His help.
    Thank you David for your good insights.
    All the best to you, Frank.

    • Thank you for sharing your story Beth. You continue to follow your passion and it is not leading you astray, just as you planned all along. I appreciate the post and best of luck on your music.