Can anyone master sales, really?

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You’re constantly mentioning the importance of sales. Considering that we all have different skill sets, can ANYONE be a good salesperson? Can I master sales if I don’t like sales?

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Hi Yvette.

This is a great question!

The reason I am always stressing the importance of sales is because without sales you don’t have a business. The only way that money changes hands is through sales.

If you don’t like sales it’s because you’re misunderstanding it. Sales is not something you do TO someone, it’s something you do FOR someone. You are helping a person to gain clarity so that they can make a decision that will enhance their life.

That’s why I created the Compassionate Conversion Flow Chart. It helps you be of service to a potential client. When you are focused on you, you can’t help the other person.

You want to be thinking, “How can I help this person?” NOT “What can I get from this person?”

Sales is THE most important skill to master.

And anyone can learn to do it.

Sales will also cause you to grow faster than anything else. If you’re willing to put the effort forth to master sales, nothing can stop you.

When you have your own business, sales is something that needs to happen everyday. If you do this, you will never have money problems.

Master sales. Master your income.
Just Believe,®
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